How to audition for voice acting jobs

What are voice over auditions? How do you craft a solid audition for your potential clients? We cover the processes here.

‘How do I send my voice over audition online? Should I send processed or unprocessed files? Can you please check the audio quality? Is there something wrong with my voice acting audition?’ 

Regardless of whether you’ve just signed up for a voice actor profile or have had one for decades, one of the questions above is bound to have crossed your mind when looking for voice over work. That’s because the simple truth is that doing a voice over audition is no longer what it once was. Project requirements have changed, deadlines are shorter, and rates need more negotiation. While Voice123 is a marketplace, the company’s core purpose hasn’t changed; connect voice actors to clients, which ultimately happens through a voice over audition.

This piece will clear up what auditions are, how they’re perceived by clients and give you insights on how to audition for voice acting jobs, improving your own processes and workflows when you audition.

How to audition for voice acting jobs

Make your online voice over auditions count

As Covid-19 safety protocols limit the parameters that clients have to work within, and the number of new voice actors entering the industry increases, a greater need to ‘think twice, act once’ is vital because there is no second chance when you audition online. It isn’t the time to practice. If you think about it, auditioning is just like a job interview and you need to put your best foot forward. If you mispronounce a word, submit the wrong file or worse, fail to deliver the brief, there’s no going back. Auditioning is a ‘one shot, one chance’ stage that requires acute precision and careful execution.

So, how do you make that one voice over audition online count, especially in 2021?

  • A) Read the description, hit the studio, and record the script?
  • B) Read the script, hit the studio, and record the script? 

Neither option would be wrong if your goal was simply to record and submit an audition. However, what if your goal was to record an audition online that ultimately left the client with only one thought? ‘This is the voice we need.’

Then, you should choose option C. 

  • C) Study the project description, analyze the client’s requirements, think about the end goal, read and practice the script, then record.

Harness your art and hone your craft

One of the main reasons why we become voice actors is because it truly is an art; the personification of raw talent. We might have heard a few people say to us, ‘Wow, you’ve got a great voice,’ and we believed them. So, we channeled our inner creativity and vocal talent into a career by applying for voice over jobs. But did you remember to turn it into a craft? 

Voice acting is talent and nothing can diminish that in its truest form. However, when you add a key ingredient, it elevates your performance and increases your chances of being hired. That key ingredient is skill coupled with a systematic strategy. 

Art + Craft = You’re hired!

Recipe for a polished voiceover audition

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Balancing art and craft in voice over auditions

Let’s objectify the voice acting audition process by stepping into a client’s shoes. The two auditions below have the same length and script, but that’s where the similarities end. Listen to each audition and see if your first impressions were the same as mine.


When you listened to this, were the first words that came to your mind rushed, inexperienced, noisy, unprepared, and dare we say awful? 

It’s evident that the voice actor didn’t create that voice acting audition with a balance of art + craft, which is why a client’s first impression would be, ‘delete.’ 

In fact, believe it or not, when our quality control team evaluates voice actor profiles, they often come across auditions with some of the problems in this audio; hiss, noise such as from a fan or AC, lack of preparation, mouth clicks and plosives. Most of which is a result of recording in a noisy environment, too much saliva in the mouth, and recording too close to the microphone. 

Let’s try it again.


Did you notice the way the voice actor paused, emphasized the key words, and used a good balance of pitch, pace, and modulation? It’s clear that a great deal of thought went into the reading and preparation of the script, the equipment, recording location, and the audio post production.

Looking for some sample scripts to practice with?

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A lack of preparation, devoid of character, hesitancy or uncertainty in your voice coupled with audio noise, hiss or distractions will ruin your chance of being hired in a fraction of a second. 

However, knowing what a voice acting audition should sound like and actually being able to make your audition sound like that are two different situations. So, wouldn’t it be great if you had first hand advice from an experienced voice actor on how to structure and prepare for an audition online? 

We thought so too, which is why we sat down for a virtual interview with two seasoned and talented voice actors; Courtney Greer and Gwendolyn Carter.

Courtney Greer Voice123

Courtney’s been a member of Voice123 since Aug 2, 2013, and currently ranks in the top 10% of voice actors. She has been a professional voice actor for eight years and has the gift of being able to snap into the character.

Gwendolyn Carter Voice123

Gwendolyn’s been a member since Nov 11, 2018, and also ranks in the top 10% of voice actor profiles. Gwen has been a professional voice actor for 3 years, and has the gift of being able to empathize with the character.

Together they have a combination of 11 years of professional, successful, and helpful experience related to voice over jobs, which they shared in the interviews below. As you listen to their comments, think about the tips that you can glean and use to improve your auditions for any voice over work.

A lack of preparation, devoid of character, hesitancy or uncertainty in your voice coupled with audio noise, hiss or distractions will ruin your chance of being hired in a fraction of a second. Click To Tweet

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There’s never been a better time to become involved in voice acting work than the present. In fact, Courtney and Gwendolyn both agreed that the pandemic has certainly led to an increase in jobs. And although it’s created a challenging global situation, the pandemic has actually empowered us with inspiring life experiences.

Courtney describes it as, “if anything, it’s increased the amount of voice auditions that I’m seeing. I mean the shift, of course, in what we’re putting out has changed or what, you know, advertisers are putting out has certainly changed with what’s going on, you know, not just in our country, but the world.”

Gwen highlights the powerful impact this has had on voice overs when she said, “The good part is, I can really relate to it. So here’s a script. It is about the pandemic. And sometimes I’m doing a job that I don’t know anything about. But knowing that I’m living this, my child is working online too, and I’ve had to change my work. So the pandemic has helped me to really be able to tell other people’s stories while telling my story.”