How to audition for voice acting jobs

Getting voice acting jobs starts with creating successful voice acting auditions. So, we’ll highlight what are voice acting auditions, share tips from voice over experts on how to audition for voice acting jobs, and provide a free checklist with 10 tips to create successful voice acting auditions.

What are voice acting auditions?

Voice acting auditions are a recording of a voice actor performing a short piece of the sample script for a voice acting role which is sent to a client for review so they can decide whether they want to use your voice in their project.

An audition is a way for you to highlight your voice acting talents and land voice over jobs by showing potential clients why you are the best voice actor for the role. Clients will typically listen to different voice over auditions to find a voice that resonates with their project. So learning how to nail a voice acting audition is vital to win voice over jobs and book recurring work while establishing strong client relationships.

Now although the deadlines and project requirements for voice acting auditions continue to change, at Voice123, our core purpose hasn’t. We help voice actors and clients create meaningful connections, which usually happens through a voice over audition.

So we’re here to guide you on how to audition for voice acting jobs to land your next Voice123 booking! We’ve also included a special, free checklist of 10 tips for successful voice over auditions.

How to make your online voice acting auditions count

An online voice acting audition is just like a job interview. There are no do-overs, especially if it’s online. If you mispronounce a word, submit the wrong file, or worse, fail to deliver the brief, there’s no going back. Auditioning is a ‘one shot, one chance’ stage that requires acute precision and careful execution. So you need to put your best foot forward, but how do you make your online voice acting auditions count?

  • A) Read the description, hit the studio, and record the audition?
  • B) Read the script, hit the studio, and record the audition? 

Neither would be wrong if your goal was simply to record and submit a voice over audition. But what if your goal was to record a voice acting audition that left the client with only one thought? ‘This is the voice we need.’

Then, you should choose option C. 

  • C) Study the project description, analyze the client’s requirements, think about the end goal, read and practice the script, then record a winning audition!

Hone your voice acting talent to improve your auditions

Honing your acting talent as a craft and improving your voice acting skills helps to elevate your auditioning performance and increases your chances of securing voice over work.  

Art + Craft = You’re hired!

Let’s add some client perspective to voice acting auditions by stepping into a client’s shoes.

Listen to the two voice over auditions below to analyze the ingredients for a winning audition!

voice acting auditions

Were your first thoughts rushed, inexperienced, noisy, or unprepared?

The voice actor didn’t create that voice acting audition with a balance of Art + Craft. A client’s first impression would probably be, ‘delete.’ 

In fact, when our quality control team evaluates auditions, they often come across the very same problems; hiss, noise such as from a fan or AC, lack of preparation, mouth clicks, and plosives. Most of these result from recording in a noisy environment, too much saliva in the mouth, and recording too close to the microphone. 

Let’s try it again.

Did you notice how the voice actor paused, emphasized the keywords, and used a good balance of pitch, pace, and modulation? It’s clear a great deal of thought went into the reading and preparation of the script, the equipment, the recording location, and the audio post-production.

Create top-quality audio with help from experts! 

10 tips to make successful voice acting auditions

  1. Read the project description carefully: This will give you a glimpse into the client’s mindset.
  2. Study the project script: Think of it like planning the pit stops for your next road trip. The destination? A polished voiceover.
  3. Strategize: You wouldn’t pitch up at the office the moment you roll out of bed, so don’t record when you’re not ‘feeling it’ or when you’re unprepared.
  4. Add a creative edge to your auditions: Provide something that would make the client think, ‘Oh, that’s interesting!’
  5. Don’t reinvent the wheel: Become whoever is needed to make your voice over auditions a success.
  6. Be proactive: Offer two takes in the same audio file. 
  7. Hydrate before you hit the studio: Also, eating a green apple can help to reduce mouth clicks. 
  8. Test – Test – Test: Test your mic and recording equipment before you hit record. 
  9. Protect your voice over work: Slating, watermarking, leaving out, or changing a word is up to you, but check if the client has specified a preference. 
  10. Check. Double-check. Triple-check: Make sure you submitted the right file, format, editing, and suitable cover letter.

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Voice acting auditions: advice from pros

To help you learn how to audition for voice acting jobs, we interviewed two seasoned and talented voice actors; Courtney Greer and Gwendolyn Carter.

Together they have a combination of 13 years of professional experience getting voice over jobs through successful voice acting auditions.

As you listen to their comments, think about the tips that you can glean and use to improve your online voice acting auditions.

A lack of preparation, devoid of character, hesitancy or uncertainty in your voice coupled with audio noise, hiss or distractions will ruin your chance of being hired in a fraction of a second. Click To Tweet
Courtney Greer Voice123

Courtney’s been a member since Aug 2, 2013, and has been a professional voice actor for nine years.  

Gwendolyn Carter Voice123

Gwendolyn’s been a member since Nov 11, 2018 and has been a professional voice actor for 4 years.

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Voice acting auditions are a recording of a voice actor performing a portion of a sample script which is then submitted to a client for review so they can decide whether they want to use your voice in their project.

You can make successful voice acting auditions by reading the project description and script carefully, being creative and proactive in your strategy, making time to test your equipment, practicing your audition, and ensuring that you submit all the necessary files.

You can get feedback on your auditions from the Voice123 QC team, they can evaluate your audition, pick up on any problems and give you feedback on how to become a better voice actor.