How to get voice acting jobs

Voice acting jobs are posted daily on various online platforms. Your goal shouldn’t be to simply learn how to apply for voice over jobs, but how to get voice acting jobs.

How to get voice acting jobs with an online profile

At Voice123, your online voice actor profile allows the platform to match you with incoming projects to submit your voice over auditions. Clients can also find your profile when searching for suitable voice actors and create a direct booking! 

Now, the key that unlocks a successful profile is the balance between too little and too much. 

Too little information could leave a potential client wondering, “But what about …?”

Too much information could overwhelm a potential client and lead to, “That’s quite a lot to take in!”

So, how do you strike the right balance?

Regardless of the platform that you choose to register for, think of your profile as a résumé that can show a client the 3 main aspects of your voice:

  1. The sound, tone, and ‘personality’ of your voice
  2. Current vocal abilities 
  3. Past vocal accomplishments 

The sound, tone, and personality of your voice

Think of your voice actor profile as a résumé that can show a client the 3 main aspects of your voice: The sound, tone, and ‘personality’ of your voice, what your voice can do and what your voice has done. Click To Tweet

Most online voice acting profiles allow you to write a headline about yourself. This is what a client reads first, so be sure to use an actionable and unique description. 

Voice actor for 3 years. Deep, warm, calm, professional, authentic. 


The authentic voice you can trust for your next project! 

Which description draws you in and grabs your attention most?

Current vocal abilities 

Use the ABOUT section to highlight your key vocal skills and abilities. 

Remember, this is not about you, it’s about your voice! This isn’t the time to talk about your hobbies, your bubbly personality, what you do on the weekend, or why you love voice acting.

The information you enter in the about section of your voice actor profile should cover the following points: 

how to get voice acting jobs
  1. Vocal abilities.
  2. Main vocal styles, celebrities, and accents.
  3. Contact details. 
  4. Studio description.  
  5. Equipment description. 
  6. Time-frames, turnarounds, and schedule. 
  7. Additional services.
  8. Descriptive adjectives for your performance and acting abilities. 

Key points

Remember, this is about how to get voice acting jobs, so stick to key skills. And as we taught in our Platform Education Series, always write the description about yourself in the ‘third person.’

Remember, this is about how to get voice acting jobs, so stick to key skills. And as we taught in our Platform Education Series, always write the description about yourself in the ‘third person.’

“I include anything that might set me apart... it's worth mentioning if you’re particularly experienced at something, e.g. interpreting technical scripts, medical narration, etc.” - Lucy Wolfe

Past vocal acomplishments

This section allows you to showcase your best work. On Voice123, that’s done through playlists grouping voice over samples of past voice acting jobs. This is also how to get a voice acting job because it’s the perfect opportunity to ‘show’ the client instead of telling them.

how to get voice acting jobs

What you shouldn’t include on your voice actor profile

A voice actor can market themselves as ‘The Voice of Amazon,’ but might not sound good doing a spot for McDonald’s. Plus … nobody is perfect for any project. I find that most of the voices I use are great for two or three types of projects and mediocre at all the others. Sell your strengths and don’t try to be all things to all producers! – Tom M, Voice123 client.

Avoid falling into the trap of ‘telegram typing.’

“I’ve been a voice actor for 5 years. I have a versatile voice. I can give you a quick turn-around. Call me on 1091029202. True authentic voice.”

Sure, it’s simple and to the point, but this is not how to get a voice acting job. The client has probably looked at 10 similar profiles so at this point, they can either scroll for more information, or skip to the next profile. You need to stand out from the crowd by avoiding basic sentences that won’t grab a client’s attention.

Avoid keyword stuffing

Most online profiles can rank for SEO on search engines and client searches on various platforms.

Now, keyword stuffing can be tempting, but it’s not how to get voice acting jobs successfully! The principal is simple. Your profile isn’t a dictionary of adjectives that describe your voice, it’s a simple summary of what your voice can do. 

Take a look at our Platform Education series to go through our how-to guide with valuable tips and advice to optimize your profile.

What should I prioritize when completing my online voice over profile?

We've created a free downloadable checklist so you'll always have this on hand!


Learn from successful voice actors

To help you get a better visual idea of how these tips and suggestions can come to life, we spoke to three voice actors on Voice123.

Lucy Wolfe, advises you to “include a photograph of yourself (rather than a microphone or something arty!) It’s important to make your profile feel personal. I’ve tried to make my ‘About’ paragraph as succinct and easy to read as possible. I’m guessing clients looking for a particular voice don’t want to spend hours trawling through your life story! The main thing I’ve focused on is the client’s needs.”

Lucy Wolfe how to get voice acting jobs
Christian Figueroa how to get voice acting jobs

 Christian Figueroa, shares that “I include brief information about myself in the third person and write about my skills with a narrative, as opposed to just listing a lot of words as if they were hashtags (the same applies to samples). I am specific about what I do and also mention my clients.”

FAQs on how to get voice acting jobs

Every voice actor wonders if it will be hard to learn how to get started in voice over work. If they’d all given up, today, we’d have silent trailers, animations, explainers, and so on. And while there are some voice actors who get hired after several auditions, be prepared to audition anywhere from 50-200 times before booking your first job.

“It’s not about qualifications, it’s about aptitude and experience. Understanding how to read a script in a way that will connect with the intended audience is key. Provide excellent audio quality and clearly labeled files within the deadline and let the client know when to expect them.  Always be friendly and polite, easy to work with, and be happy to take direction!” – Lucy Wolfe

Concerned about how much does a voice actor earn

The rates for voice acting jobs depend on factors like union vs. nonunion, minimum session fees, studio fees, countries, and especially usage. Learn more on Voice123, Gravy For The Brain, Global Voice Academy, and Voice Acting Club

“It’s not a get-rich-quick thing but like anything else, if you put in the time you’re going to be successful. I would be leery if someone says, ‘Hey, can you do an audio book of 20,000 words for a hundred bucks? You do the math … what’s your time worth? That’s like any profession. But you can make a living at it. No question.”  Andy James

Does experience help? Yes. Is it a requirement? No.

A voice acting career starts with one voice acting job, which starts with one voice acting audition. Then two auditions, then three, then one hundred, and before you know it, you’re an experienced voice actor doing multiple projects simultaneously! 

“In my opinion, a voice actor has to work on two main areas: voice technique and the science of audio recording. It is essential to learn about audio and invest to get all the necessary equipment to compete with a good quality product.”Christian Figueroa

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