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Voice123’s free booking feature: boost your voice acting jobs now!

Voice123’s free booking feature is a VO game-changer. And with your own personalized booking link, it’s the perfect way to boost your voice acting jobs today. It also has a secure payment system to help you avoid the challenges of receiving international payments. Most importantly, it’s because it’s free. Zero commission or fees are deducted, regardless of your membership – what you earn is yours to keep!

What is Voice123’s free booking feature?

For the last 20 years, Voice123 has been helping to create a connection between clients and voice actors. 

When that connection is created, it’s also vital to establish a meaningful relationship. Subsequently, building on that relationship requires a specific space and channel. This creates a positive first interaction with a client in order to set the scene for recurring work.

In other words, what starts out as a few voice acting jobs becomes the foundation for recurring work and recurring clients.

However, that’s where the challenges begin.

While digital advancements have made it easier to work online, digital communication with clients and receiving international payments can still be a tough hurdle to overcome.

  1. Emails are common, but these threads can be long and hard to follow; especially when negotiating.
  2. Messages and their meanings can get lost in translation or timezones.
  3. Social media apps are not 100% reliable.
  4. Above all, when clients are in different locations, receiving international payments can be an absolute nightmare! 
Rolf Veldman Voice123 CEO
One of the most memorable parts of attending VO Atlanta 2022, was meeting voice actors face-to-face and listening to them recall highlights from their careers over the past years. All of the stories had 1 thing in common; 'I still work with that client that booked me.'

Rolf Veldman, CEO at Voice123

That's why our free booking feature is designed to help voice actors get hired and paid quicker and easier. And Voice123 does not deduct any fees or commission from your bookings. That means what you earn is yours to keep!

How does the booking feature work?

Clients on Voice123 can book you for voice acting jobs via these channels:

  • Through your audition for their project 
  • From a conversation in the Voice123 message inbox 
  • Directly from your voice actor profile 
  • From your booking link – share your booking link here.
  • Through the instant quote feature on the Voice123 search.

This booking quote from the search feature is determined by the sum of your voice over rates per script length (word count) and usage (expected audience size).  

Share your free booking link  


All bookings also have the same set of initial terms:

  • A maximum of 12 months’ usage
  • Up to 2 revisions
  • Have an expected turnaround of 3 days

What does that mean for you?

Well, the Voice123 booking feature is built on a foundation that goes beyond getting hired or booked for one or two voice acting jobs. In fact, out of all the bookings completed in just the first quarter of 2022, 80% were by returning clients.

Consequently, bookings help you to build long-standing relationships with clients as it’s the ideal foundation for recurring work. In addition, if you have a Voice123 membership, your proposals count towards your ranking score if they are booked through our Bookings functionality or if they are liked by clients.

Booking feature success story

Arianna Fox voice acting jobs

How Voice123's booking feature can boost your voice acting jobs  

1. Avoid miscommunications. The message tab is directly in the booking, as a result, you can quickly converse with the client in the same thread that stays in your message inbox. Therefore, while the predetermined terms make it easier for you to be on the same page as your client; you can also use this space to discuss negotiations and additional terms/usage.

2. It’s easier for you to track your funds and payments directly on your dashboard under ‘Your earnings.’ You can also filter this according to date, and which payments came through the Secure payment system.  

voice over bookings earnings

3. Save valuable time that you can rather invest in growing your business, instead of following up on payments, processes,  clients, or hiring a third-party service.  

4. Keep everything in one safe place. The messages, files, agreement/quote, negotiation, payment information – nothing slips through the cracks. 

5. The Secure Payment system is free for voice actorsno fees are deducted from your earnings, and Voice123 manages the transaction so that you can focus on what you do best – being a VO pro! 

6. Easily use the negotiation feature to negotiate additional fees for extra services or usage before accepting a booking. 

voice actor quote

Booking feature success story

Liz Saydah voice over jobs

What is the Voice123 free Secure Payment system? 

The Secure Payment system is where Voice123 acts as a bond for the booking transaction. As a result, the service is free to all voice actors, and while it’s not a requirement, it does have numerous benefits: 

  • 0 deductions from your earnings 
  • Save time, energy, and resources as Voice123 will manage the transaction until the final recording is accepted
  • Rest easy with a secure and trusted third party method to manage your payments
  • Resolve the problem of sending and receiving international payments without having to follow up on invoices
  • Track the status of the payment directly in the booking and deliver the recording when you see the funds were paid
  • Get email notifications along the way to help you keep track of each stage of the booking process
  • Choose from 5 different payment methods to receive your funds 

voice acting jobs

Secure Payment FAQ's

  • The funds are released when the client pays and accepts the final recording. 
  • The timeframe for Voice123 to release the payment is between 5 hours and 8 days after the recording is accepted.
  • Yes! Voice actors will not be charged for using Secure Payment. The client is charged a fee, however, this is not deducted from the total job amount.
  • The costs associated with receiving the money will be for you, depending on the payment method you have chosen. (You can check with the third-party provider you have chosen.) 
  • By requesting Secure Payment when you receive a Booking.
  • By enabling the functionality in your Booking settings.

Boost your voice acting jobs now

Regardless of your membership, all Voice123 members can have a personal booking URL linkThis is a special link that is customizable and which directs a client straight to a booking form where they can input their project details.

You can also get booked for voice acting jobs through the following channels:

If you’re a paid member:

  1. Share your booking link with a client 
  2. Bring your off-platform bookings to increase your bookings stats and see your earnings on your dashboard
  3. Enable bookings for our instant quote feature; set your rates now
  4. Audition for projects so clients can book you directly from your auditions 
  5. Talking to a client in the message inbox? Ask the client to click ‘book voice actor’ from the message tab at the top of the page
  6. Tag your samples with relevant keywords so clients can find your profile in the search feature and book you through your profile card
book voice acting jobs

If you’re a standard member: 

  1. Share your booking link with a client 
  2. Bring your off-platform bookings to increase your bookings stats and see your earnings on your dashboard
  3. Audition for projects and clients can book you directly from your auditions 
  4. Talking to a client in the message inbox? Ask the client to click ‘book voice actor’ from the message tab at the top of the page
  5. Tag your samples with relevant keywords in order for clients can find your profile in the search feature and book you through your profile card

In addition, while our voice acting booking feature is a collaboration between our product and engineering teams, product engineer, Luis Perichon is spearheading the project! He shares that …

“Working on the Bookings and Secure Payments team at Voice123 is very fulfilling. The team focuses on what really matters: helping voice actors get more jobs, become better professionals, and get paid faster. Keeping that at the back of our mind puts every change and feature we publish into a different perspective. Most importantly, whether it’s an amateur voice actor getting their feet wet for the first time in the industry, or a seasoned professional with years of experience, everyone can get booked and get paid via Voice123’s free booking feature. I just love that!”

Luis Voice123

– Luis Perichon,

Product engineer at Voice123

Bring your off-platform voice acting jobs to Voice123 to increase your booking stats, see real-time earnings in your dashboard, and use Voice123’s Secure Payment system to make receiving your funds easier, safer, and faster! 

Share this link with your client to sign up for a free Voice123 client profile today.


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