Voice123's algorithms

Voice123 helps clients find the perfect voice for any project by utilizing two proprietary algorithms: match and search.

We’ve compiled a list of answers to questions you might have about these features, but feel free to reach out to us via help@voice123.com if you need more information. 

Why do I receive project invites that don’t match my language or accent?

When you receive project invitations through the matching algorithm, it doesn’t differentiate between race or accents because that generates bias. Instead, the algorithm matches a voice actor’s gender, age, language, and delivery capabilities with the project requirements, so at times, you might receive project invites that don’t match your language or accent.

Why do I receive a lot of project invites after midnight?

Voice123 handles projects 24 hours a day, irrespective of time zones. So, as soon as projects are approved, processed by the system, and matched to your profile, invitations are sent to your inbox which is why you may receive invitations after midnight.

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