Liz Saydah Voice123 booking

As a voice actor with multiple ongoing projects, Liz needs a system that: 

  • Accommodates her workflow
  • Allows for easy communication
  • Is easy to navigate 
  • Tracks her earnings from the platform

Challenges Liz wants to avoid

Emails getting lost or stuck in spam

Different audio formats

Confusing interfaces

Time-consuming processes

Solutions Liz finds via the booking feature

  • The booking feature provides flexibility with no hidden channels and has the security of getting paid.
  • It’s a one-stop shop; the client can message, upload everything, and payment can be made.
  • It has a streamlined format that avoids back-and-forth delays. 
  • It’s an efficient system; emails won’t get lost and the communication channels are tried and true.
  • She can accept, negotiate, and manage the booking all in one place.

Results from using the booking feature

  • Liz has been hired 17 times via the Voice123 booking system so far this year.
  • She's earned around $8642 in direct booking earnings. 
  • The Voice123 secure payment service was used in around 40% of her bookings.
  • She doesn’t have to navigate different tabs and appreciates the clean interface. 
  • It allows her clients the option to pay via Voice123 or directly.

"I like that you can either upload the audio file in the booking or add a link. Sometimes the files are really large or clients have to share the files with colleagues. So having that flexibility of a link is great. Then they can just directly forward it to whoever needs it. That's always a plus."

voice acting practice lines

How does Voice123's booking feature work in real life?

Liz shares some outstanding expereinces!

“My most exciting one of late was a national spot for Disney plus. We used Voice123’s booking feature a few times and then it changed hands. It was a really fun promo and a great example of how seamless the booking system was.”

“I’ve also done some voice over work for Aetna, the healthcare company. That also started on Voice123; we booked a couple straight through and once we had established a kind of recurring relationship then it was much easier to move forward.”   

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