Arianna Fox

As a voice actor juggling different passions, projects, and pursuits, Arianna needs a system that will allow her to:

  • Quickly communicate with clients.
  • Keep everything in one place.
  • Not worry if she won’t get paid. 
  • Keep track of all projects.  
  • Avoid emails that flood her inbox.
  • Save time with easy navigation.
  • Help to alleviate work processes.

Challenges Arianna wants to avoid

Constantly following up on the payment

Waiting for clients to complete payment

Proactively staying on top of things

Keep reaching out for information or updates

Solutions Arianna finds via the booking feature

  • The Voice123 booking feature's step-by-step processes keep things organized.
  • It's user-friendly and simple to use. 
  • Options for single audio or space to insert a link to multiple audio files.
  • No need to reach out to clients for more info.
  • Clients can send anything they want via the thread.

Results from using the booking feature

  • She gets paid on time and securely via Voice123's Secure Payment system.
  • Saves time because things are easier to manage. 
  • Uses the message summary email to keep track of individual bookings. 
  • Communicates with clients in one thread.
  • Stays up to date with multiple simultaneous bookings.
  • Can easily follow the status of the booking with automatic updates.

"I love the idea of paying through Voice123. It's very secure because you know that it's going to be a paid thing, not like, okay - let me send over my audio files and then never get paid."   

How does the booking feature work in real life?

Arianna shares some outstanding expereinces!

“One of the most amazing projects was a French video game called ‘Live adventure.” It wasn’t paid but these students presented this at a festival and it was so awesome because they got me and another great voice actress to play the only two characters who were actually siblings. It was so fun to do their dialogue and work with somebody else. Most of the time, it’s just me! The client was super lenient and helpful – it was a great experience that started from Voice123.”

“PJ Library has an audio podcast called ‘Be on the bookcase.’ And I’m half Jewish myself so it was really fun to be involved with this because it’s about fairy tales that we know and love and then adding a Jewish twist with some morals. It was the wittiest dialogue I’ve ever seen. It made me laugh so hard when I was reading the script and was so much fun to do. I think they might be starting on season two, so it’s an ongoing project and one of the most fun things I’ve ever done!”

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