Voice123's algorithms

Voice123 helps clients find the perfect voice for any project by utilizing two proprietary algorithms: match and search.

When a client posts a project requiring auditions, our Matching Algorithm invites voice actors who best meet the client’s project criteria to submit a proposal. The Search Algorithm displays a voice actor’s most relevant audio samples after a client has typed general criteria into the Voice123 search engine – much like Google.

Here’s more info on how both these algorithms work. 

What is the matching algorithm? 

The purpose of this algorithm is to deliver the most suitable auditions for any given project.

How does it work?

Voice123 sends out invitations to voice actors to submit proposals for these projects in three stages:

  • First stage – an actor’s profile preferences and the project requirements (such as language, voice gender, and recording capabilities). 
  • Second stage – a combination of a voice actor’s membership level and ranking score ( ‘likes’ their auditions have received from clients).
  • Third stage – clients can ‘like’ the proposals that most closely meet their project criteria, and Voice123 then uses that feedback to determine an actor’s ranking score.

What is the search algorithm?

Voice123’s search functionality allows clients to search and book one – or several – voice actors from our widely diverse roster of over a million directly!

How does it work?

A client completes a project form with the criteria they need (such as voice styles, specific accents, specific quotes, or any keywords), and the results are then sorted by: 

  • First stage – the most relevant sample
  • Second stage – all things being equal, the results are sorted by the membership level

Boost your voice over work opportunites with a paid Voice123 membership

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Voice actor misconceptions about our algorithms:

  • Adding samples to a Playlist or changing keywords won’t impact (improve) a ranking score, but doing both will improve a voice actor’s chances of getting contacted or booked directly.
  • A complete Profile will improve a voice actor’s chances of appearing in a client’s search results, which applies to the Voice123 platform and Google. Again, it won’t impact (improve) the ranking score; only the likes and proposal submissions received from clients will do that. It is, therefore, wise to ensure that submissions are the best they can be!

Still uncertain? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at help@voice123.com


The algorithm matches gender, age, language, and delivery capabilities; however, it doesn’t differentiate between race and accents because that generates bias.

Project invitations are sent to your inbox as they are approved, processed by the system, and matched to your profile. The system handles projects 24 hours a day, irrespective of time zones.

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