Voice123’s Sound Check service

How good is your audio quality? Does it say, ‘I’m a professional voice actor?’ Maybe? Not sure?

In the voice over industry, you’re only as good as your audio quality says you are!

So, improve your audio quality by getting a detailed evaluation from expert audio engineers with Voice123’s Sound Check service.

Get Sound Checked and improve your audio quality today

When clients review your auditions, perfect sound matters!

Background noise, reverb, and plosives can distract clients from a professional voice over. Or worse, it could cause clients to skip past your audition.

That’s why the Sound Check service aims to highlight where you’re going wrong, but it’s also focused on teaching technical best practices with a detailed assessment of how to improve your audio quality.

The Sound Check service is as easy as Voice1-2-3

  1. Request a free assessment image

    Request a free assessment

    Our team of experts will then get to work and review your profile to ensure you are eligible for the Sound Check service.

  2.  Get your auditions reviewed image

    Get your auditions reviewed

    If your profile qualifies, you can complete the payment and get your detailed audio report in 15 business days.

  3. Start the next stage of your career image

    Start the next stage of your career

    Make the necessary changes now that you have the skills and know-how to deliver the best sound quality of your voice.

Improve your audio quality today

Success Stories

Voice actors share how they’ve benefited from the Sound Check service

Ross H

“I found the experience to be quite helpful. It was valuable to get an expert opinion on the technical and performance aspects of my deliverables”

Voice actor on Voice123

Jessica H

“I climbed into the Top 20% for the first time! I plan to use this service again in the future as a benchmark to see my progress.”

Voice actor on Voice123

Ray Bader

“The process was simple and straightforward. Voice123 gave me info about my recordings that I was overlooking and has improved the quality of my recordings.”

Voice actor on Voice123

Sign up for free & start auditioning for voice over jobs

Here’s how it works

  1. <br>Get invited to voice over jobs image

    Get invited to voice over jobs

    Receive invitations to voice acting jobs that match your profile: language, gender, age, budget, and more.

  2. <br>Submit your audition  image

    Submit your audition

    Record and submit custom auditions or upload your pre-recorded voice over samples, depending on the voice over projects you choose to audition for.

  3. <br>Negotiate & get paid image

    Negotiate & get paid

    Talk to clients directly and create solid relationships for recurring
    voice over work.


Request your Sound Check report today and get expert help!

Improving your audio quality has never been this easy or fast!

Get Sound Checked today to boost your voice acting opportunities and learn audio editing skills to make your voice the best it can be!  

improve your audio

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How long will it take to receive my assessment?
Your report can take 15 business days.
Who will conduct my assessment?
A qualified audio engineer.
Do you offer discounts?
Not at this time.
If you feel your situation qualifies for a discount, please contact our support team directly via help@voice123.com. We will be glad to look for a way to assist you.
Do you have a refund policy?
We do not offer refunds on the Sound Check service we provide. However, we take customer satisfaction very seriously and appreciate any recommendations to improve our service.