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How to get into voice acting

If you’re ready to learn how to get into voice acting, we’ve got you covered with educational resources from how to start voice acting to managing a successful voice over business. We’re sharing expert tips and advice on how to get started as a voice actor, how to audition online, how to improve, and how to market your voice over business.

How to get into voice acting with Voice123

Since Voice123’s inception in 2002, we’ve been helping clients and voice actors to create meaningful connections. Now, we’ve added The Booth – a content studio for voice actors and freelancers, hosting our updated voice over guide.  

If you’re interested in working in the creative industry, we’re here to help make it happen no matter where in the world you are. Actually, we’ve written this guide with a clear emphasis on how to get into voice acting using online platforms to find projects and clients, as well as working from your personal recording space. 

So, if you’e searching ‘how to get into voice acting’ or ‘how do I become a voice actor with no experience,‘ we trust this guide will help you to learn about becoming a voice actor.

Do keep in mind that even suggesting there’s such a thing as a definitive guide would be misleading, if not dishonest. The online voice over environment is in a state of flux; it’s developing and expanding. The only constant seems to be that everything will keep changing and we’ll need to adapt accordingly. Please see this guide in that light. 

how to get into voice acting

However, we’ve certainly attempted to pack it full of information and links that should prove useful – whatever your level of expertise. 

How to start voice acting

First, it’s important to set the right expectations and be prepared for failure. You don’t want to invest thousands of dollars in expensive equipment or coaching and courses, only to find that you don’t like the process of finding jobs as a voice actor. Or, that what you’re doing is either insufficient or just plain wrong. Knowing the process of becoming a successful VO-entrepreneur is far more important than sounding nice on the mic.

Subsequently, how many times will you have to fail? That depends on your skill level, your professionalism, talent, marketing skills, and the effort you put into your business.

It’s common to fail about 50-60 (conservatively speaking) online auditions before landing a job. As a novice, it’s possible to fail even more — even 200 times — before getting a booking.

In addition, competition is fierce in the online markets. That said, online platforms have a significant number of very successful voice actors on their talent rosters. In any profession, particularly artistic ones, the competition is always there. 

Second, you need to get to know your voice and develop it. While it’s great to be a jack-of-all-trades, it’s much better to be a master of some. So, before you learn how to get into voice acting, first ask yourself – what am I really good at voicing? Commercials? Documentaries? E-learning programs or medical explainers? Promos? Audiobooks? Video game characters?

Find your niche. Hone your craft and start excelling at it. You’ll end up finding you’re more in competition with yourself than with other voice actors. Being a successful voice actor comes when you know what you’re good at and pursue it relentlessly. 

4 first steps to get into voice acting

  1. Do your research to learn about the voice over industry and your own vocal abilities.
  2. Invest in setting up a DIY home studio.
  3. Build your own unique brand while auditioning for voice acting jobs.
  4. Set up your voice over business and learn the best tools to run it successfully.

To help you do your research on getting started as a voice actor, we’ve started with vital resources on how to audition for voice acting jobs. Then, learn tips and tricks to improving your voice over auditions, and information on creating voice over demos (and how we believe they’re changing, as clients prefer shorter, bite-sized voice over samples. As well as advice on voice over coaches. Be sure to also check out our Ask the pros about a voice over career section for tips from voice over pros. We’ve even got you covered with tips on how to start Funimation voice acting. 

Setting up a DIY home studio can help you save time and money in the long run. With technological advancements, this can be done without costing an arm and a leg.

As more people search for what’s needed in a home recording studio set up (popping up due to the COVID-19 pandemic), it’s no surprise that clients think voice actors have everything they need within an arm’s reach. How can you take advantage of that way of thinking?

Learn how to make your voice sound better as well as microphone fundamentals. This is especially vital if you’ll be starting your own voice over business.

One of the main ways to find voice acting jobs is through online platforms. There are diverse opinions about them, but how you end up feeling about them will be dictated by your approach and your expectations.

Simply put, online platforms provide job opportunities for voice actors. Voice actors can be anywhere in the world, so you’ll likely find both novices and pros.

To get you started, we’ll guide you through being union or non-union. Then, help you learn how to find voice acting jobs online. As well as knowing the ins and outs of how to get a voice acting job with a complete voice actor profile.

We’ve also included a special Platform Education section designed to focus on leveraging the power of SEO. This is necessary as nobody will employ you if they don’t know about you. As a result, creating a memorable digital presence is vital in this tech-savvy era.

If there’s one thing that distinguishes an amateur voice actor from a professional, it’s the mindset that voice acting is a business. So, we’ve got a piece explaining how CRMs help voice actors build relationships with clients.

But more is needed to achieve long-term sustainability. In What you need to showcase on a successful voice actor website, go through best practices and helpful advice to start and market your voice actor website. Then, in How to best improve your personal branding for artists, we’ll walk you through identifying and marketing your voice over brand. Keep an eye out for the expert advice and special discounts we’ve secured for you!

What should you quote or charge clients? Get familiar with the foundation of voice over pricing and examples in What you need to know when setting successful voice over rates. We’ve also got your FAQs covered and advice from VO experts with a combined total of 50 years of VO experience!

Finally, in our Client Communications Checklist for Voice Actors, you can effectively communicate with clients to avoid delays and miscommunications. As a result, you’ll be able to establish strong and recurring client relationships.

Be sure to access our Free Client Communications Checklist Collection that you can copy, paste, tweak, and send in your next messages. 

We’ve compiled a list of vetted, community-based resources that we believe will aid you on your voice over journey. 

Take your time, browse, bookmark, and explore the abundance of resources we’ve collected and curated, all accessible on the main navigation bar as well. Find your next podcast, other helpful voice over journey guides, and workshops that may help you fine-tune a certain skill you’ve been meaning to work on. You can also learn more in our voice over work insights from the Voice123 platform report. 

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