How to get better at voice acting

‘Better’ can mean many things. You may have an excellent voice, but poor marketing skills. Or, great marketing skills, but your voice overs could improve. So, here are four practical voice over tips to help you learn how to get better at voice acting.

Voice acting tips

Improve your voice overs

First, start with the technical basics. Keep a far enough distance from the mic. Make the most out of your editing, mixing, and mastering. Reduce the plosives and mouth clicks in your recordings. Then, set up your recording environment to be as soundproof as possible.

Optimise your online presence

Fill out your voice acting online profile and use relevant SEO keywords. Next, market the sound, tone, and personality of your voice. Mention what your voice can do, and what it has done. But be specific and sell your strengths. Moreover, link your social media & websites so clients can easily find you online!

Consider investing in coaching

Getting professional coaching can be very helpful. Sometimes, there are genre-specific needs that are hard to know without experience in the field. Coaches can also help you prepare for a real-life working scenario, and provide advice and tips on how to get better at voice acting.

Invest in better equipment

From time to time, it is wise to upgrade your business equipment. Some mics are better suited for some voices than others, so there’s a chance that changing to a more fitting mic might bring you more success. And make sure other equipment in your recording chain is up to professional standards.


No, it’s not a necessity, but a recommendation. What’s important is studying and research. If you don’t invest in coaching or classes, it’ll be hard to succeed in voice acting without researching the industry via books and community forums.

No, it’s about the voice actor, not the tools. You could give a person who has zero experience voice acting the most expensive mic there is, but it won’t teach them how to get better at voice acting.

No! Your unique voice has a place in the industry — as long as it follows the fundamentals of voice acting such as clarity and proper enunciation.

Do your best to improve your voice overs and online presence. You can also invest in coaching and better equipment to help you achieve longevity in your voice acting career.

"The best way to improve your voice is to become conscious of it and take lessons. This may involve sessions with a speech therapist, coaching, or signing up for toastmaster workshops ... the more you become aware of your voice and the more you work with it, the better it will become."