How to be a videogame voice actor

In a sense, playing a video game and becoming a videogame voice actor can be similar. In both cases, you likely play as a character in a setting. But that’s where the similarities end. Instead of enjoying a fun game, video game voice actors have a whole different job — fully immersing themselves in a character and a world. They have to feel the character’s emotions, know their goals, and express as the character would. Learning how to become a videogame voice actor is quite different from the observer-like experience as a player.

How to become a videogame voice actor 

Learn how to act

Excellent acting is what makes a video game voice actor believable. Poor acting, unfortunately, breaks the immersion. So, it’s important to practice acting as your first step, so you can become the characters you want to voice act. Consider taking voice acting coaching lessons, classes, or courses. If you need to change your voice for certain characters, check out our guide on how to make your voice deeper.

Audition and gain experience

Once you’re prepared to audition, practice with some sample scripts and apply for smaller projects. You’re unlikely to get hired right away by triple-A video game companies, and you’re welcome to try, but you’re more likely to land these jobs once you’ve demonstrated you know how exactly how to become a videogame voice actor. So start small and focus on gaining experience.

Develop characters and market yourself accordingly

Many animation and video game voice actors find that their voice naturally gravitates towards certain caricatures of characters, whether that’s the angry teenager, or the final boss. As you gain experience, pay attention to the strengths of your voice, and be sure to market yourself as someone who’s very capable of becoming these characters. You can demonstrate your ability to become a video game voice actor through your samples.


Novice voice actors can earn $1 to $5 per 100 words while experienced video game voice actors can earn $50-$200 per 100 words during video game voice acting jobs.

Yes, it can if you aren’t careful. Video game voice acting can require a lot of yelling and screaming, depending on the game. It’s important to prioritize your health and to protect your voice. Consider getting coaching if you struggle with voice acting in a healthy and sustainable way.

"If you want to get into voice-over, wherever you are in the world, start with training. Train to be a voice actor, particularly if you have absolutely no acting background or presenting background."