how to start voice acting

How to start voice acting

Get tips and advice from interviews with New Voices.

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These professional voice actors share their voice acting experiences on how to get into voice acting. As well as helpful information on how to make voice acting a long-term career.

You’ll also be able to learn from their real-life examples on how to succeed when you face similar challenges.

Voice actor Interviews

voice acting for kids

Voice acting for kids with The Voice Over Family

Learn from The Voice Over Family's journey as they share their experience about voice acting for kids and as a family.

character voice

New Voices with Javier Prusky

In this episode of New Voices, learn tips from Javier Prusky, who shares how he started voicing animation and what it's like to do a…

voice acting for teens

New Voices with Dacey Else

This episode of our New Voices series helps you learn about voice acting for teens with millenial voice actor Dacey Else.

voice acting career

New Voices with Evelyne Audet

In this episode of our New Voices series, Evelyne Audet shares what it's like to start a voice acting career as an experienced journalist.

how to become a voice actor as a kid

New Voices with Steve and Gabrielle Paquette

This episode of New Voices covers how 10-year-old Gabrielle Paquette started voice acting as a child with her voice acting father.

voiceover artist

New Voices Interview with Nour Allam

In this episode of New Voices, Nour Allam shares what it's like to become a voiceover artist on Voice123 and narrating children's books.

how to voice act

New Voices Interview with Scott Letkeman

New Voices presents voice actor Scott Letkeman who shares tips and advice from his experience on learning how to voice act.

voice actresses

New Voices Interview with Nicky Sunshine

This episode of our New Voices series shares how you can join the ranks of professional voice actresses with career tips from Nicky…

becoming a voice actor

Becoming a voice actor with Hassene Haddad

This episode of our New Voices series shares practical advice and lessons learned on becoming a voice actor full-time.


Yes and No. Just like every career, being a voice actor involves hard work and learning. As a result, you can start by learning how to start voice acting through research and practice. Then, you’ll be able to build a successful foundation of believable and powerful acting, skill, and experience.

Yes, you can. Experience helps but it starts with one audition, one job, and one step at a time.

  • First, learn what’s involved and how to be a believable voice actor.
  • Second, focus on honing your craft by practicing, improving, and training.
  • Third, set yourself up with an online presence with voice over smples so you can start auditioning online.

You can learn how to submit online auditions for voice acting jobs in this guide.

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