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Here, you'll find in-depth interviews and insightful exploratories with new voice actors who’ll nourish the future of the creative industry. We're chatting with “The Voice Over Family”, from Cuenca, Ecuador. They share more about voice acting for kids from their voice acting journey with their 14 and 12 years old kids, Mateo and Emilio.

How did you start this family project, and how did you each get into voice acting?

Hernan: Silvia and I run an audiovisual production company called and we’ve been voice acting for at least 10 years, so that’s our background in this industry.

A few years ago, Emilio’s school asked us for a video,  and I said it would be cool if he did the voice of the video, and the final product was really good.

It was at that moment we realized that not only Emilio enjoyed it a lot, but he was good at it. So we then decided to open up a Fiverr profile, and his voice began to get a lot of attention. Afterwards, Mateo also started to get interested, so he was the last one to record his demo. 

voice acting for kids

Why did you decide on 'The Voice Over Family' with kid voice actors?

Hernan: We realized that it was better to sell ourselves as a community. Because it’s definitely a team effort. We as parents pay our own kids and divide the expenses. For example: thanks to this, they even bought a playstation.

Silvia: Somehow that gratification has helped them take it more seriously. They have also done online courses, and it is something that they like, it catches their attention and we help them deepen that.

This question is for Mateo and Emilio: Do you think that the interests of your parents and their professions helped you become kid voice actors?

Mateo: I think so, it had a lot of influence not only on a professional level, but also on the things we enjoy doing. Sometimes I think that if it weren’t for the voice over world, we wouldn’t even have a profession to begin with. If we grow without knowing how to do anything, it would be more difficult to adapt to life as an independent adult.

Mateo kid voice actors

So you started voice acting for kids, but is it something you plan to do professionally in the future?

Mateo: I’m still not sure what I want to do when I grow up, but I do keep in mind that speaking and acting in general are going quite well for me, so it could be a path to take.

Emilio: I would like to take voice over as a second profession, along with some others such as modeling and acting. I am also passionate about sports, so it would be interesting to have a lot to choose from.

Where do you usually record and what voice acting equipment do you have?

Hernan: I adapted a floor of the house as a studio, so we have a Baby Bottle microphone, speakers, some headphones and an IMac Pro. The whole room is soundproof, but these panels also help us to turn them into mini booths in a super dry environment where the boys record.

Also, when I was doing post production, I kept feeling that our voiceover was good, but that our voices lacked something. And after some research, I realized that since each member of the family has different tonalities, it was a matter of creating a chain of filters for each one. So we recently invested in education and plug-ins such as filters. 

An interesting thing that happens is that they are children and they are constantly changing their voice. You listen to Emilio’s demo before the pandemic… it was much more acute. So we have to keep updating those filters.

Since your children have become kid voice actors, how do you help them understand and respect the profession and responsibilities without feeling too pressured?

Silvia voice acting for kids

Silvia: They grew up in an environment where their parents are constantly generating content. And several times, they have been selected to act or model. So they know perfectly well that although this is a profession where one has fun, one needs to also consider the needs of a client, and more- it is not just about us.

In fact, Emilio, who is a bit more fast-paced in everything, decided to make his demo first and produced it in a certain time. Mateo, took longer until he felt more comfortable. We respect each of their personalities and rhythms.

What advice would you give to young people like you who want to start voice acting for kids?

Emilio: I would tell them to enter this world, it is fun, entertaining and it also pays well. The important thing is to try, take classes, and prepare. I think we can all do voice acting, because if you can speak, you can also modulate your voice well and that is enough.

Mateo: I would say that above all things: persevere. I was on the verge of quitting several times because I tend to get very frustrated. And I usually have pretty high expectations because I’m a perfectionist. But being consistent and persevering has helped me cope with these situations.

Emilio kid voice actors

As parents, how do you think the voices of the future are formed?

Silvia: My perception is that voice acting used to have certain standards that made voices sound fake, now I believe that naturalness and freshness is sought after. Being genuine is the “it factor” that differentiates you from others.

Hernan: I think that as a parent of the younger generations, your biggest job is to cultivate their tastes, we have to be willing to support and be patient with them. Also to associate with them, share profits with them and make them feel equal in a working relationship regarding this industry. Doing this allows them to also get involved in the family finances and be part of the decisions we make.

These freedoms also allow them to set goals and meet them. Sometimes parents make the mistake of making their kids believe that only we can solve their needs or problems, when they too are capable and have the necessary skills to get ahead on their own.

Special thanks to The Voice Over Family for sharing their experience on voice acting for kids and as a family.

Check out their profile here! And listen to their most recent voice acting work:

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