New faces, new people, new stories — this is New Voices. Here you'll find in-depth interviews and insightful exploratories with new voice actors who nourish the industry. We explore pasts and celebrate presences as we continue creating opportunities for the industry’s future. For this edition of New Voices, we're chatting with Nour Allam from 🇪🇬.

Tell us, what got you interested in pursuing a voiceover career?

I’ve been interested in the sound and media field all my life, and I was inspired by Lebanese voice over talent Maria Aswad on MBC group channels! She started as a translator for films and cartoon programs in Arabic, and worked as a producer and copywriter. But now, she does voice overs for the MBC4 channel. I think she is so amazing! Her voice can get you to watch a film, even if you didn’t want to in the first place. Because of her, I found myself searching and learning more about this field, until it turned into one of my passions.

What's the most difficult project you recorded, and why?

The most difficult project was my first audio book I narrated in 2017, called Ajwan. This novel had a variety of characters. I did them all by myself with different tones! And it was a long novel. The final duration came out to be 12 hours in length, but I enjoyed the experience.

What's the coolest audio gadget in your recording space?

My Zoom H1 recorder! I’m not using it anymore, but I consider it my companion to success! It’s the first mic I ever had, it was recommended to me. I found it more suitable to my budget at first, and it was great quality despite the price in the market. My first project was an ad for a charity in my town called Resala. My first paid project was for an IVR (interactive voice response) and I earned 200 EGP for it.

Zoom H1 Recorder Product Image New Voices Nour Allam First Gadget in Studio
Zoom H1 Recorder

What do you regard as your voiceover specialties?

Narration, voice acting, commercial, e-learning…  I’d like to note that I’m proud to be doing narration for kids stories. These are valuable stories that I’m narrating for them so they can listen to them through an app called Noory Books.

What do you enjoy most about being a voice actor?

When I narrate a book, I learn something new.

I narrated a book called “Mom on a Mission.” Despite not being a mom (or engaged, even) I learnt a lot about preparing to be a good mom, what’s good behaviour when you know that you’re pregnant, good ways to deal with multiple kids, and so on. I really enjoyed this book!

When I network and make connections globally, cultivating friendships in the industry.

I became friends with a female Tunisian voiceover artist named Sabine, and I connected with Indian filmmaker Sajas through voiceovers. We worked on an Indian project together.

Being able to convey the emotions and feelings of certain sayings properly.

What I mean by this, is that I’ve become more sensitive to anything I read. And there are some beautiful sayings out there. When I read them, I like to focus on conveying the emotions of the sayings properly and have that reflected via my tone of voice.

What do you want to learn in the NEXT year?

More about sound engineering. I’m currently doing everything on one track, so I need to learn more so I can avoid any future tech issues.

Do you have any questions about the voiceover industry?

I need to know how I can represent huge brands! 

You can find Nour on Voice123 here.

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