How do you work with an international team distributed across the globe in 11 different cities? Oh, the beauty of technology!

For over a decade, Voice123 has been a remote-first company. We’ve learned and adapted; we’ve structured the company to help us meet our objectives by giving the team the autonomy, direction, and tools to reach their full potential.

Becoming remote didn’t happen overnight for us – there were plenty of challenges. Fortunately, it can be a much faster and simpler process for you. We’d love to share our knowledge, so we’ve put together some guides to help you transition to remote quickly and efficiently.

Here’s how we work at Voice123.

Our Guides:

10 Video Meeting Rules

The must-follow commandments for successful meetings.

Slack 101

Beginners guide for effective team chatting.

How to run a stand-up

The remote approach on how to do a daily team alignment. 

Remote onboarding

A detailed guide on how to onboard your team remotely.

OKRs and KPIs

Definition and framework for appropriate decision making.

Focus and meeting days 

A guide to boost your productivity. 

1-1 meetings

The way to create a strong company.