How to receive more invitations to projects?

Our website works as a marketplace, and we aim to connect voice actors to a diverse pool of clients. So here are some suggestions to help you receive more invitations to projects and increase your chances for success.

Create a detailed profile

  • Fill out your profile completely and professionally with high-quality samples.
  • Avoid leaving blank sections; the more information you include, the easier it will be for the system to match you with projects. 
  • Ensure you include one Playlist for all skills and services offered.
  • Check out our voice over guide to learn more about the benefits of a complete voice actor profile.

Include a variety of samples

  • Try to add a sample for every age, language, additional service, and category that you have selected in the ‘Voice Details’ section.
  • Review your audio quality to ensure your voice is being showcased in the best way possible. Be especially mindful of background noise, ambient noise, mouth clicks, and plosives.
  • Be very specific when naming your samples in order to improve your chances of appearing in our search.

Set your budget preferences

  • Filter out invitations that don’t meet your budget requirements so you only receive invitations that match your profile.

Improve your ranking score

  • Your ranking score impacts how early you receive invitations to projects. To improve your ranking score: 
  • Only submit proposals to projects for which you are a perfect fit and to those projects you’d like to receive similar invitations in the future. This practice can increase the chances of clients liking your proposals.
  • Ask clients to create a free booking with you when you work together. You can make it seamless for clients to book you by sharing your free booking link with them.

For more information, check out the Voice Over Guide on The Booth for advice on how to find voice over jobs.

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