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How to book and get paid for voice acting work on Voice123

Ask the pros with Andrea Collins! Andrea shares advice from her 15-year career on how to get return voice acting work from clients, the benefits of using the Voice123 booking and secure payment system, and a few pointers on how to improve your overall booking experience.

So, Andrea, as a voice actor with 15 years of experience, what are the most important things to keep in mind when you get booked for voice acting work?

I always try to turn bookings around as fast as I can. When clients book me, they usually want the project done as soon as possible. Also, I feel that this will make them more likely to become return clients since they know they can count on me to deliver whenever they have a last-minute project.

Make sure that you give the script a quick look over, and be sure to ask any questions before recording that you might need further clarification on. This could be anything from pronunciation, timing, delivery, etc. I find that this always saves unnecessary back-and-forth discussions down the road. You also need to do the best job you can. So you can continue getting booked by the client again and again!

Great pointers - and how does the Voice123 free booking system help make things faster and more efficient for you as a voice actor?

I really like that I don’t have to spend any extra time sending an invoice to that client or waiting to receive my payment. Some companies can be super fast, while others have a lengthy vendor setup and/or a payment cycle. So, I find that this really speeds things along. Plus, I like that it deposits the funds directly into my bank account rather than through Paypal. This saves me money on the fees.

That's an awesome benefit! Have you had any standout experiences from using the booking system that you’d like to share with other voice actors?

I absolutely love it when I get a booking. Next, I can voice the job, and then boop! They release the funds to me. When it’s all so fast and seamless like that, it is just so awesome.

Fast and seamless is definitely a perk! So, how have you used the Voice123 secure payment system to get paid for voice acting jobs?

Oftentimes when clients book me through the Voice123 Platform, they can choose the payment option they prefer. This makes it easier for both the client and myself to complete the transaction as easily as possible. When the job is complete I have it deposited by ACH into my Wise account (formerly Transferwise), which I find is the most affordable way as a Canadian to accept several types of currencies. They also have a pretty good conversation rate, when it comes to converting funds into your country’s currency.

voice acting work on Voice123

Excellent; and any final advice for voice actors looking to land more voice acting work?

Do as many auditions as you can according to what suits your vocal skills. It really is a numbers game!

Also, make sure that your space sounds good. That’s sooooo important. If you ask me, it’s much more important than having a fancy microphone. So, be sure to get that figured out first. And yes, using a closet works just fine. I was a full-time professional in my cozy closet for years, and it really wasn’t so bad!

A special thanks to Andrea Collins for sharing her insight and suggestions on how to book and get paid for voice acting work on Voice123.

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