If you’ve been following our platform education series so far, kudos to you! It means you’re taking practical steps to optimize your Voice123 profile – on and off the website. Improving your visibility will help you rank for Google search, and keeping your profile up to date means you’ll be properly equipped to show your work to potential clients. Especially to clients who aren’t looking on Voice123.

So we’ve covered why SEO is important it’s a skill that serves you in the long-term and can help you build your voice over entrepreneurship path and we’ve discussed the purpose behind all this, including how to optimize your profile with keywords and language use. Now, we can dive a little deeper and talk about how to optimize your Voice123 samples. We also have a FREE SEO optimization checklist you can download and keep at the end of the article!

What are samples?

Samples are short excerpts of voice over projects you’ve done, and have been published. Often, people wonder about the difference between samples and demos. While demos are also voice over excerpts, they’re carefully constructed pastiches, often too long, and not what you need in the age of online voice casting! While demos might have the advantage of being recorded in perfect sound environments, more frequently than not, they’re not the real deal. They’re manufactured showcases carefully recorded under ideal circumstances.

Sample on Voice123 as an example on how to optimize your samples for success
A sample on Voice123.

Clients prefer short samples examples of real-life work produced under typically pressured circumstances: stress, different recording environments, and time pressures. In other words, real voice over jobs.

Samples like these offer clients a true example of what you’ll actually sound like reading their script.

Voice123 Playlists example on how to optimize your samples for success
A couple of playlists on voice actor profiles.

Optimizing your samples

It’s a good idea to optimize your samples by showing the roles you’ve played, what brands you’ve worked for, project type, and voice style. For example, “Photographer – Nikon commercial – approachable” could be the title of your sample. As mentioned in the video, there is a formula to writing these, which is denoted in this help center article, “All about the Playlists and Samples in your profile.” This article also includes further examples on grouping your samples into playlists. 

Note: the use of hyphens in the sample title instead of commas to separate keywords. This is an SEO strategy; Google prefers hyphens (-) and pipes (|). If you need further help with titling your samples, take a look at this article on how you can improve your voice acting profile.

Describe your work, or your voice?

One question our Customer Success team is asked frequently is whether you should describe your work, or your voice. If we had to suggest only one, we would prioritize whichever has the most weight for you. 

How many notable clients have you worked with? Will describing the project type give the clients more answers, or more questions?

Basically, the more experienced and decorated your résumé is, the more likely you’ll describe the work, because it’s recognizable. If you’re just starting out, you’re more likely to describe your voice, because it’s more relatable than lesser-known projects or brands.

If you have both options to choose from, we’d recommend describing your work. Something like ‘an energetic or conversational commercial read’, gives clients specific ideas of how your voice will sound in certain project types. It has a higher chance of converting prospective clients into real clients because they’re able to imagine the voice in a given context, rather than just imagining the vocal qualities.

If you’re describing your voice in your sample, it’s good to use adjectives that answer clients’ searches. Descriptive words like warm, friendly, motherly, engaging, easy-going, approachable and conversational work well. Check out Voice123’s most searched keywords for more examples.

How many samples and keywords should I add?

The short answer for both? The more the merrier! But there are guidelines and rules to abide by. For example: it’s not a good idea to stuff sample titles with keywords, especially if they don’t belong. If you had to add: engaging, exciting, and energetic — choose just one of them. And as Andrés mentioned in the video, you can upload 100 samples, but if you don’t provide context for the samples by filling out the details, then that won’t help you either.

How to optimize your samples for success - provide meaningful context
How to optimize your samples for success - don't keyword stuff

When filling out additional sample details, aim for this type of specificity.

Don’t stuff so many keywords! Provide valuable context; write in full sentences. ✍️

The key is to keep sample titles clean and simple, while still delivering a good idea of what it’s about. Clients will then be able to see your work clearly, and that’s good because it could show them exactly what they’re looking for, sooner.

For example:
Sales Associate – Walmart – Approachable
Store Clerk – 7-Eleven – Friendly
Try not to use keywords more than once in a paragraph (which should be about 40-60 words, as briefly mentioned in our last video as well).

We’ll be coming out with new features similar to the SEO toggle updates discussed in part 2 of this series, so keep your eyes out.
Speaking of SEO toggle, are you interested in beta testing new SEO features we’re creating? 🙏 If you’re interested, please fill out the form here.

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Quick FAQ

Here's a quick overview of more FAQs our customer success team receives about playlist and sample optimization!

How many playlists should I have? And in turn, how many samples should I have in a playlist?

The short answer for both? The quantity does not matter, it does not affect SEO. It's quality > quantity.

In this case, samples are more important than playlists when it comes to ranking for SEO. Because what matters is the content, and that's what the samples hold. A playlist is just a way to group and categorize everything. You can have 1 single audio sample, strategically filled with valuable and concise context and keywords and that can help boost your visibility, versus having 10 or 20 samples with keyword stuffing techniques, or no details filled out.

Does the search algorithm consider keywords in the sample names, or just the keywords in my 'about' section?

In terms of Voice123, our platform takes into account BOTH things. However, at the end of the day, the priority lies in how much the sample name matches the client’s search intent. Best thing for you to do is to make sure you follow best practices for both (proper context and keywords for your samples and about section) because it also contributes to improving your online visibility, in terms of SEO.

Does having a lot of samples negatively affect my performance on the website?

No, having a lot of samples does not negatively affect your performance on Voice123.

And there you have it, thanks for sticking around and checking out the beginnings of our #PlatformEducation efforts. Please feel free to let us know what you think; and if you’d like to see more efforts as such in the future, you can drop us a message here. Alternatively, why not share this post if you found it useful? 👇

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