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We’re committed to bringing you intriguing discussions and perspectives on the latest topics in the voiceover industry. We’re focused on telling stories about voice actors we come across, so you can see that there really are no boundaries to this career path. Powered by Voice123, our small team is working towards the ultimate goal: to craft the future of the voiceover industry. Read more about our founding and on-going story here.

We’ve been around for a while! ⌛

Our audition & proposal numbers are in the millions (highest in the industry).


messages sent by clients to voice actors in 2020


and number of proposals/auditions to date


samples were uploaded to Voice123 every week in 2020 (on average)

Voice123 was the first ever online casting platform

On June 13th, 2003, we received the first ever project proposal on our site. It also happened to be the first project we fulfilled, too; a Spanish commercial for the food industry.

Voice123 Mobile Product Concepts

We have users from all over the world 🌐

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