Stop “Over-thinking” Your Home Voice Over Studio

This post is an update of a series of posts written by Dan Lenard for Voice123.

People new to a home voice over studio, whether they’re a newbie or an […]

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28 Ways To Prevent Noise from Ruining Your Voice Over

Picture the scene…

It’s a lovely summer afternoon. The windows are open, and you can smell the fresh scent of cut grass on the breeze that fills the room.

Inspiration strikes. […]

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Get the auditions you want on Voice123

Your profile can make or break your voiceover career, simply as that. A sloppy profile will reflect badly on your work and an incomplete profile could be the reason […]

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Welcome to the new Audition Inbox


If you’re as obsessed with House of Cards as we are, you’ll remember this timeless quote from Season 2. Well not only do we believe it, we live it […]

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Why rejection Isn’t failure in voice over

More than I would like to admit, the first auditions I went through were one of the most nerve-wracking and challenging things I could possibly undergo. I sat there, psyching […]

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Five Simple Things You Can Do To Speak More Confidently

Whether you are speaking in public in front of a large audience or just need to record your voicemail, there are some simple things you can do to sound […]

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How to Convert a Non-Union Voice Over Job to Union

Today’s post is from SAG-AFTRA Voice Actor and Voice123 premium member, Dude Walker. He graciously invited me to attend an online meeting of his voice over group to answer […]

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Free Voice123 Webinar Tomorrow!

Mastering Voice123!
Join us Wednesday, March 27th at 7:00pm EST for our free webinar!
Booking work on Voice123 depends on many things. Being prepared and knowing how to use the site […]

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More Profile Dos and Don’ts

I recently wrote a blog about 2 very common profile mistakes that cause SmartCast to overlook you.

Now, I would like to give some tips on things that get voice […]

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Two Common Profile Mistakes That Cost You Work…and How to Fix it.

Ever wonder why you aren’t getting as many invites as you’d like? I get emails everyday from people who are puzzled (or furious) as to why they weren’t invited […]

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