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Stephane Cornicard


  • 31 minutesmedian response timeresponse time
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  • 4 Bookings3 in the last 12 months3 in the last year
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  • Last online26 days ago
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About Stephane

  • Member sinceMay 18, 2020
Stephane Cornicard | Voice over actor | Voice123
  • LocationLondon, UK (GMT +1)
Awards : "Best Voice Over : Outstanding Body of Work" 2022 at SOVAS LA USA "Voice Over of the Year" at One Voice in 2021 and 2022, "Best performance Video games" at One Voice 2020 and 2021, Best Documentary Narration in 2021. Inspiration Award 2020 Deep, rich and resonant voice. Great range (High tenor to bass) Excellent Character Skills Hard working, dedicated, educated (BA, MA) and in love with all things spoken. It's hard to write about oneself without appearing conceited. But really... I'm not. As a matter of fact, I have no Ego. In my opinion, Egos tend to get in the way of good work. But I've had a very good career and am deeply grateful for the opportunities I have been given :-) I started Acting and VO very young. My first professional job at 16 was reading book extracts for a literary magazine which provided readers with cassette tapes (remember them?). I went on to be continuity announcer and voicing promos for The Cartoon Network, TNT and TCM, working on several BBC Drama, filming with Steven Spielberg on Saving Private Ryan... But to cut a looooong story short, here are the highlights of my career to date : Official voice to the Vatican, the WHO, the UN. Live Announcer at the London 2012 Olympics. Permanent voice for Le Louvres, the National Portrait Gallery, the Tate, the Vatican, the Rijks Museum and the NY Metropolitan. In video games, I voiced over 500 titles, but the highlights were Gavlan for Dark Soul, Liquid Snake in Metal Gear and Stroud in Dragon Age. In advertising, It has to be Boursin, du pain, du vin... and Chanel. In corporate, Microsoft and Kodak... In E-learning, John Deere... In the future... Yours ?

Skills and services offered

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      Deliver edited and finished voice over
      Translate the copy
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      Digital delivery
      Remote live direction
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      On-site recording
        • Location
          London, UK
    • Additional vocal abilities
      I can sing. I love poetry, both to write and to read. I am an expert at character work and accents. I am known for my comic timing and abilities. Accents: French, English, RP, Posh, German, Russian.
    • Experience, training, and equipment
      BA Linguistics, MA production. I have a vocal booth with a floating floor, Rode NT2-A Microphone, Focusrite Forte Preamp. I did my first voice work at the age of 15 for a literary magazine. (The director heard me on the bus doing an impression of an old acerbic mother in law, and asked me to come to the studio for a blind try, and I got the job.) Since then, I have worked in voice ad acting, lending my voice to the Tate Gallery, The Cloister, the Met, LE Louvres, Turner Classic Movies, CNN, Euronews,, Cartoon Network, TNT, Bloomberg, Stella Artois, Flora Pro Activ, 33 Export, Loulou Blue, Stenna Line, The Economist, the Red Cross (anti personal mines campaign), Nivea, Piz Buin, Vodaphone. In Multimedia (Games) Cubix 1 & 2, Primal, Lara Croft, Syphon Filter 1, 2 & 3 (Gabe Logan), Metal Gear (Liquid Snake), Spyro the Dragon 1, 2 & 3 (Spiro), Colony Wars 1 & 2, MediEvil, Rug Rats, Storybooks, Gunball 3000, Zara Trained as an Actor from the age of 14 Baccalaureat, France Colby College, USA MA Goldsmith London Process of production. 10 years experience as Studio Director in Multimedia. 2 years experience as On Air Promo producer. (Turner Entertainment) 5 years experience as consultant for Multimedia and TV language localization. Isolation booth (vocal Booth) MBox, Mac & PC, Bose Mike, Neumann Mike, Protools, shield. Singing, verse reading, diction

Known for

Reviews (4)

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    Stephane was easy to work with and delivered great results, quickly. In fact, I'd say he overdelivered with many different takes and some pickups so I would have a lot of options.
    • Flag review
    Stephane is a fantastic artist! It was a real pleasure working with him!
    Ditto :-) Thank you for your trust
    • Flag review
    Great contact, excellent quality, rapid turnaround. I do recommend this artist!
    Many thanks, pleasure working with you too

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