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Sarah Taylor reviews

  • Fantastic VO who understands how to take direction and make subtle changes to her read.
    Thank you, Court! A pleasure to work with you.
  • Very helpful and easy to work with!
    Thank you Josh! Loved working with you!
  • Sarah was so quick and professional. An absolute pleasure to work with!
    Thank you, Lauren! A pleasure to work with you as well. Lets do it again!
  • Sarah Taylor did an amazing job for us. The VO was completed very timely. Should the opportunity arise we would definitely use her talents again.
    Thank you, Ibsen! Would love to work with you again as well.
  • Sarah gave an amazing recording for us, so glad she applied to our project!
    Thank you, Mark! A joy to work with you as well!
  • Thank you, Grace! Loved working with you as well!
  • Sarah is awesome! We look forward to working with her again.
  • Sarah is extremely professional and responsive. Made great suggestions and produced a very polished product for us. Pleased to recommend.