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Lucy Parkinson reviews

  • Our creative agency hired Lucy for a client project after reviewing many other voice actors. Our client and staff all felt that Lucy had the right voice for the project. Lucy was a pleasure to work with, and she provided a very fast and accurate turn around for her recording! :)
    Thank you so much! Hope to work with you again soon :)
  • Lucy was wonderful to work with, and a real pro. Thank you Lucy!
    Thank you so much! So fun to work togther :)
  • First of all, Lucy Parkinson is a true professional: she is attentive, knows how to follow directions and delivers excellent voice overs. She knows how to play with her voice to deliver a voice over that is genuine and human. Other than that, she is a delight to work with!
    Thank you so much! I really appreciate your feedback and would love to work together again soon.
  • Lucy Parkinson is absolutely fantastic. She has a wonderful gift of providing personality and just the right emphasis/tone to bring any script to life. Not to mention, she is truly fun to work with. I will most certainly be working with her in the future!
    I had so much fun working together as well! Thank you for the kind words and can't wait to collaborate again soon.
  • Very professional, understood right away the needs
    Thank you!
  • Lucy is a true professional. She delivered everything I asked for quickly and beautifully. She has an amazing voice!
    Thank you so much! It was fun to work together and hope to do so again soon.
  • Lucy is a total pro. Fantastic communication throughout the project, great instincts for tone, super easy to work with and of course a great voice. Great sounding studio as well. Hope to work with Lucy lots more in the future!
    Thank you for the kind words! I really enjoyed working together and look forward to connecting on another project soon.
  • Thanks for the 5 star review!
  • Thanks for the 5 star review!