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Natalia Ferlaino reviews

  • Natalia was great and had a very quick turnaround time for the voiceover
    Thanks a lot Griffin!! A pleasure to work with you!! Until the next job Greetings The best
  • Natalia is an excellent professional! Prompt response, great attitude and a beautiful voice. I highly recommend her!
    Thanks a lot! It has been a pleasure for me to work with you, very professionals, thank you for your words !! The best!
  • Thank you so much!!
  • Muchas gracias! Un placer trabajar con ustedes nuevamente!! Lo
  • It was terrific to work with Natalia on an animated Spanish video for UN Migration about their Strategic Results Framework. Her narration hit just the right tone, and Natalia was flexible and professional in all our communications. Recommended 👍.
    Hello thank you very much! I say the same about you. A great pleasure to work with you! Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you again. thank you very much regards
  • Siempre es un gusto trabajar con Natalia. 100% recomendada.
    Muchisimas gracias, un gusto para mi trabajar con ustedes! Saludos! Thank you very much, a pleasure for me to work with you! Cheers!
  • Natalia was fantastic to work with throughout our project - the language differences were no issue at all and her voiceover delivery was excellent. Hope to work with her again soon!
    Muchísimas gracias!! Para mi ha sido un gusto trabajar en su proyecto. Espero que se repita. Saludos!! Many thanks!! It has been a pleasure for me to work on your project. I hope it repeats. Cheers!!
  • Muy diligente y muy buena profesional. Respuesta rápida y entendiendo a la perfección las indicaciones.
    Muchísimas gracias!un gusto trabajar con ustedes! Thank you very much! It was a pleasure working with you! Cheers
  • Nos gustó mucho trabajar con Natalia! Su voz es increíble y entendió perfectamente la intensión que se quería transmitir. La recomendamos mucho
    Muchísimas gracias!! El gusto ha sido mío de trabajar con ustedes. Un placer . Hasta el próximo proyecto. Saludos!
  • Great voice and really fast delivery. Will definitely work with Natalia again.
    Thanks a lot! It has been a pleasure for me to work with you, very professionals, thank you for your words !! The best!