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Maggie Pistner reviews

  • Maggie is the kind of actor who will work with you until she gets it right. She was a pleasure working with on a bedtime story and her warm voice made everyone feel safe as they drifted off.
  • I was enchanted by Maggie's voice. In this project we worked on together, she made all the difference. Every word, every pause, every breath she took amplified the emotion that we were looking for. Hope we can work on future projects. Congratulations, Maggie.
    It was such a joy to work with you.
  • Maggie was fantastic to work with! We booked her on short notice and she was ready to go, great at taking direction, and had a lot of fun with it. She was great at playing the character we needed her to. Would love to work with her again!
    Holy Buckets! You made my day!! Thank you!
  • Maggie was a joy to work with! She did a live directed session with us for a children’s book and she did an amazing job! Her voice is so warm and rich. She brings stories to life in such a great way.
    Thank you, Natasha! Vooks is the best.
  • Maggie provided a voice over for an internal marketing piece for my company. She did an incredible job and was so easy to work with. She brought much needed personality to the read that really elevated the project. I highly recommend her!
    Joe! You really are the best! Thank you!
  • We recorded a children's book with Maggie. Her voice was perfect for the story and was very rich with lots of texture. She took direction really well and was positive and fun to work with! We hope to get the opportunity to record with her again in the future!
    Thank you, Noelle!
  • Maggie did an outstanding job for our project. Very high quality recording, excellent performance and fast turnaround. Thanks Maggie!
    It was an absolute pleasure!
  • Maggie is a joy to work with, she is a superb voiceover actor and completed nailed our project in the first take!
    Thank you, Aaron. It was such fun to record!
  • Maggie was fantastic! We needed a professional actor to read an emotional script, and Maggie delivered a performance that was authentic, sincere, and compelling. On top of the delivery, the sound of her natural voice carries a dramatic, raspy weight perfect for this type of job.
    Thank you, Nate. This review was for a Lululemon Spec Commercial I did for him.
  • Privately, Ashton wrote me, "Maggie was wonderful to work with, extremely talented and a great collaborator. Hope to work with her again in the future." Best, Ashton (JFK Docuseries with Peter Coyote)