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Kara Noble reviews

  • Kara is a great talent and we couldn't have been happier with her performance
  • Really loves Kara's delivery. It is smooth and bright and lovely to listen to.
    Next time - we will really smash it!
  • Kara was a pleasure to work with and great at taking creative direction. She allowed for a few rounds of reviews until we arrived at the perfect read.
    ...and I love a challenge! What a fun script!
  • Kara Noble is a Bonnie Brit. Easy to Work With. Adapts and Adjusts without any difficultly, Projects Confidence and Professionalism. Sounds Lovely and Inviting. Distinct Voice that Draws Your Attention... and Keeps It! Very Highly Recommended: Business/ Books/ Commercial/ Audio.
    So glad I’m now your “voice”!
  • Kara was extremely professional and timely. Gave us multiple options to work with and really listened well to direction given. 100% recommend for any project.
    My favorite kind of work - crazy, creepy lady!! Anytime, guys - loved it.
  • Kara was awesome to work with. A TRUE professional. Turnaround time was super quick. And payment was easy. The VP of marketing heard her voice and said, "This is the one" I trust her immediately by her voice.
    Thanks so much. I love varied work and Voice123 is perfect for me. I'm glad I was "the one"!