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Debbie Irwin reviews

  • Debbie was really quick and responsive to my demands. I recommend her for any projects you need.
    Thanks so much, the feeling is mutual, can't wait to collaborate again!!
  • Awesome job! I needed this in a pinch and she was very helpful, and super cool to work with. I'll totally be using her kick ass voice again.!! Thank you Debbie!!
    I love a woman who knows what she wants, is clear, direct and kind to boot! Can't wait to work together again!
  • Debbie was fantastic to work with. Her work was extremely professional and she provided a number of options to use, saving much time and cost!
    Mitzi was super sweet and very communicative about her needs for our project-- the ideal client! Love the finished outcome as well!
  • Debbie provided an excellent voice-over for our trailer. She delivers high-quality work fast and communicates well. Thank you for your help.
    Thanks to your great direction I was able to enter your fantastical world! It was an honor and a lot of fun! Would love to see the finished trailer! Best, Debbie
  • Hi PJ! Thanks for the 5-star review.... I guess I left you speechless! :) Please feel free to reach out anytime. Your direction made delivering my work seamless. Best, Debbie Debbie@DebbieIrwin.com
  • Great to work with, open to direction and very pleasant!
    Dear Megan, Thanks for being so communicative with me. I find creative partnerships thrive when we align ourselves to be excellent in service of the project, the client, and all team members! Hope to speak again soon.
  • Working with Debbie was fantastic, her voice, professionalism and attitude made our work a great experience.
    I’m so glad we were able to work quickly to get everything done to your satisfaction— from helping you edit the script so that the English translation was perfect and to delivering the narration to fit the mood of the documercial. I hope we can work together again soon!
  • Thanks Debbie, I’m just collating options for me client and hopefully she will make a choice soon. Hopefully will be in touch ASAP. I think around the £350 or so would be an estimate on budget. Speak soon. Mark
    Hi Mark, Just saying hello hither and yon! Best, Debbie Debbie@DebbieIrwin.com
  • What a pro!
    It may be 4 months ago, but it seems like yesterday! Hope you are well! Best, Debbie D ebbie@DebbieIrwin.com
  • Debbie is an outstanding vocal talent. Swift and positive communication with great understanding of our specific needs. A real asset in making any project successful.
    It may be a year ago, but it seems like yesterday! Hope you are well! Best, Debbie Debbie@DebbieIrwin.com