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Dani States reviews

  • Five smiles! One for each star! Thank you so much!
  • Dani is a great asset to have on our videos. She is easy to work with and creates great results. We look forward to the next opportunity to use her on our projects.
  • We had the pleasure of working with Dani on a recent project. She handled everything perfectly from start to finish, from providing an audition, to the scheduling and the giving the perfect recording session. The client loved her, we loved her. Can't wait to work with her again.
    It was such a delightful session! I'm excited for our next opportunity to work together!
  • Dani went above and beyond for our project. As it was a one-off project, and she delivered so well, we're in the process of convincing another client to switch VO talent to Dani for all future needs.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity. :) It was such a pleasure working with you! I'm at your service any time.
  • Dani was great to work with and provided exactly what we needed for our client. We look forward to working with her again.
    Such a pleasure to work with you. Looking forward to next time!
  • When I first hired Dani I knew how much I liked her audition. However, I was completely blown away during our client session at her ability to take direction and make the client happy. I have since used her for other projects and couldn't be happier. Dani rocks!!
    Thanks so much! Working with you is a joy! :)
  • I've worked with Dani for a while now - she's always been quick, reliable, and can give you one of the friendliest voices I've ever heard. If you're not working with her, you're missing out - keep up the amazing work, Dani!
    Thank you, Trevor! You make my job easy! :)
  • Dani did an excellent job! She was very responsive, had a quick turnaround, and was great to work with. I highly recommend her.
    Such a pleasure to work with your team! Thank you for the opportunity! :)
  • Dani was excellent. She was very receptive to any minor changes we needed to make to the script and provided us with multiple recordings to ensure the client's satisfaction. She's a true professional. 5 Stars doesn't begin to honor the work she's done for us.
    Loved working on this with you! Thank you!