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Dan Akers reviews

  • Excellent voiceover artist. Very professional and followed directions perfectly. Would definitely recommend!
  • Dan was a true professional and a class act! Loved working with him. He made things easy when recording as our script slowly changed. And of course, his voice is excellent and fit our project perfectly. Would highly recommend working with Dan!
    Lockt Editorial and Stept Studios, LA: their clients are the cream of the crop with creative to match, and this job was a real gift. Direction was pin-sharp without being nit-picky, and they made me feel like a creative ally whose contribution really counted. Thank you guys, this review means a lot.
  • Wonderful experience, Dan was prompt helpful and very professional. would defiantly work with him on future projects.
  • Dan is top notch. His turnaround time was super fast, he communicates well, his audio source sounds great and is easy to work with in post, and he went above and beyond with alt line readings. Loved working with Dan!
  • Great job made by Dan. We're very happy with cooperation with him. Quality/Speed/Communication - 10 of 10. Appreciate this so much.
    Some say quality at speed is a double-edged sword: do it quickly and the quality will suffer. I disagree. If you're briefed well with a great script and you have a passion for voice work, you should easily be able to turn around a quality delivery in no time, and you made it really easy, thank you!
  • Excellent job 👌👍
  • By far the most dedicated and sincere voice actor I've worked with. Always satisfied with the result. Pleasure doing business with you and thank you very much for your hard work.
    It's impossible to not be dedicated and sincere when working with such high-calibre scripts. I'm a very lucky man, getting to work with such truly great talent; a real privilege, Jason. Thank you!
  • Awesome voiceover, prompt delivery and easy communication. We will book him again!
  • Dan was terrific to work with. Fast and efficient service and a great voice talent. Would highly recommend. --Len Turner, Johns Hopkins University
    Thank you, Len. I watched the video my voice was used in and was gobsmacked (a charming British colloquialism, means the same as being dumbstruck/rendered speechless, in case that doesn't translate too well!). Great production values, very slick and professional. Thanks for making me sound so good!