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Chris Okawa reviews

  • Chris was great to work with! An incredible talent that delivered exactly what we were looking for!
  • Timely, professional, and incredibly talented!
  • Amazing to work with!
  • Very easy to work with and gave my client every little detail they want in the edits! I would highly recommend!!!
    Thanks so much Bryant! Let's do it again sometime!
  • Fantastic voice - nailed it on the first read, quick work, and highly communicative!
    Thanks David! It was a blast!
  • It was an honor to work with such an accomplished talent. He did an amazing job and proved why he's such a sought after actor. I am extremely pleased with his work and would gladly work with him again, and recommend him.
    Thanks so much Greg for your kind words, your writing lept off the page!
  • Thanks Michael! Pleasure working together!
  • Chris nailed this performance! Seriously, he hit all the comedic beats perfectly.
    Thanks Joseph! My pleasure!
  • Working with Chris was a breeze. He nailed his audition tape and was super efficient with his overall workflow. Highly recommend!
    Thanks Julien and Ben! Brilliant project, clear vision, and super effective direction. You guys rock!