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Caleb Harrelson reviews

  • Caleb was fast and great to work with!
    Thank you so much for the kind words, Laura!
  • I worked with Caleb on some tutorial videos for VR headset accessories. He was wonderful to work with and was patient & accommodating as we had a few delays on the project. The client was very pleased with the final recording. I would absolutely recommend working with Caleb!
    Hi Kristina, as an avid user of VR Headsets, I loved the opportunity to work on this project. Thanks a bunch for the nice review!
  • Caleb was super accommodating and quick. Really nailed the tone and delivery that we were looking for on the first try! A great communicator who was great to work with. Thanks again!
    Hey Jourdan. Really appreciate the kind words. Look forward to working with you again!
  • Caleb was great to work with. His turnaround time was within 24 hours and he was able to take written coaching and give us exactly what we wanted!
    Hey Zach, so glad to hear you got what you wanted. I got to have so much fun recording your upbeat spot! Thanks so much!
  • Caleb was fantastic to work with, delightful, very responsive, and nailed the VO! We'd love to work with him again!
    Thanks Amber! Amie was super informative and helpful, so it was a pleasure working with you both!
  • Caleb was outstanding to work with. Great voice + was professional with my client. I would work with Caleb again, and recommend him as well.
    Greg, I really appreciate the kind words. I enjoyed chatting with you, the client, and learning so much about the product!
  • Friendly and professional! It's always great to work with a collaborator like Caleb. He comes prepared and brings great ideas but also takes notes readily and with a humble attitude. He was flexible and ready to go right away on what was a pretty quick turnaround project.
    Thanks so much for the kind words, Andrew. I had a blast working with you on this project!
  • Caleb was fantastic to work with and nailed the script on the first round! Would definitely work with him again in the future.
    Thank you, Ben! It was a pleasure working with you and Hannah!