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Ségolène BIRIEN reviews

  • The United Nations Network on Migration contacted over 50 VO artists to narrate an animation. Ségolène won the auditioning process hands down with her smooth and authoritative tone. We very much look forward to working with Sego again soon.
  • Honnêtement , je suis très content et satisfait du travail. J'aimerais pouvoir recommandé vos services a d'autres personnes. Vous êtes très professionnel. Merci encore 🙏
    Merci beaucoup !!
  • Perfect job 👍👌. Once again, Thank You for your proposal. I have a little question for you. Would you be able to make more announcements for me for free? If yes, Wonderful. If no, Well no problem. Thank you once more. Bye 👋. Hope you reply.
    Can you contact me at biriensegolene@gmail.com thank you 🙏