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Ari Ross


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  • 5 Bookings3 in the last 12 months3 in the last year
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About Ari

  • Member sinceApr 5, 2004
Ari Ross | Voice over actor | Voice123
  • LocationDallas, TX, USA (GMT -5)
Ari Ross is a voice actor located in Dallas, TX, USA. He has been actively working as a voice actor since 1988. He has worked for a diverse pool of clients and brands, such as Tonight Show Characters, Verizon and Apple Computer. Listen to 34 voice over samples that showcase his best work.

Ari Ross is a voice-over artist from Los Angeles who specializes in character and conversational voiceover. Ari is "Financial Core" so can do union or nonunion. CHARACTERS = anything from subtle to wacky, wild and way over the top beings (and objects!) That speak or make a variety of noises. This can also be a very conversational "human" sounding character. CONVERSATIONAL = Guy next door, business owner, very real non-actor. (A subcategory could be, "messy" conversational" which would include stuttering, "err" and "uhhh", "Um," etc.). PROMOS = from Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (2 seasons) To station promos, Fox Sports and more, Ari knows PROMOS. TRAILERS – Family fare, comedic to deep dark driving dramatic IMPRESSIONS – from Homer Simpson to Sam Elliott, Ari can Liver. Key points of Ari's work would be attention to detail, fast turnaround and friendly service.

Skills and services offered

    • Language
    • Voice gender & age
    • Additional services offered
      Write the copy
      Deliver edited and finished voice over
      Produce complete and mastered radio ad
      Add music
      Add special effects
    • Jobs for these unions signatories
    • Recording and delivery options
      Digital delivery
      On-site recording
      Source Connect
      Phone patch
      Remote live direction
        • Location
          Dallas, TX, USA
    • Additional vocal abilities
      -- USA Neutral -- California (pretty much US standard) -- "Old-Timey" 1930-1950s radio and TV announcer -- Surfer/Skater"Dude" -- Chicano/Low ri-der (ALA Cheech Marin of "Cheech and Chong") -- Brooklyn/New York (real/light or heavy/character -- British (Character - can perform it real yet may not fool a Brit) -- Texas/Southern - light casual southern (i.e. Dallas, Texas) all the way to "Sam Elliot". -- Conversational -- Hip -- Wry -- John Facenda (NFL Football announcer) -- Don La Fontaine (Movie Trailer voice) IMPRESSIONS: Arnold Schwarzenegger Barney the Purple Dinosaur Barney from the Simpsons Bill Clinton Christopher Walken Clint Eastwood Cookie monster Don Pardo Droopy the dog Ed Wynn Edith Bunker (Jean Stapleton) Ed Sullivan George Takei George Washington...(Ok... so no one knew what he sounded like....) Goofy Homer Simpson Jack Benny Jack Webb Jay Leno John Facenda (NFL Football announcer) John Kerry Jimmy Stewart Joe Pesci Jonathan Harris (Dr Smith) Kate Hepburn Kermit the frog Louis Armstrong (speak & sing) Marge Simpson Marlon Brando Mickey Mouse Nicolas Cage Peter Lorre Popeye Quentin Tarantino Rain Man (Dustin Hoffman) Roger Rabbit Ronald Reagan Ross Perot Russell Crowe {“LA Confidential”} Sam Elliot (Close to SPOT ON) Steve Buscemi Steve Carrell Sylvester Stallone Walter Winchell And many others... Feel free to send a paragraph of text for an audition.
    • Experience, training, and equipment
      Experience: Most recent national promos voiced for "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" as well as regular voices for Verizon Business & Netsuite & Oracle (among dozens of other clients). PAST & PRESENT: ABC/Disney Family Aloha Airlines American Express Apple Computer CSI:NY in Second Life Four Seasons Hotels General Motors Hitachi Honda Hot Pockets IBM Panasonic Pontiac Sony Suzuki Teledyne Waterpik TGI Friday's Tonight Show W/Jay Leno Toshiba Toyota Universal Pictures Washington Mutual Bank Verizon 7-11 Stores & More MP3, WAV, AIFF and ISDN capabilities. Ari can also work locally or travel (Valid USA passport). CATEGORIES INCLUDE: Corporate Narration Commercials Movie trailers Promos Messages-on-hold Straight Announce (with touch of friendly reality). Radio & TV imaging Humorous bites (various) Toys On-camera experience includes Film & TV, television commercials and Man-on-the-Street interviews. Recently wrapped science fiction film: LINKER – grizzled world-weary detective. Studied with: -Marice Tobias -Kalmenson & Kalmenson -Louise Chamis -Glo Jenkins -Jerry Houston -Bob MaGruder Communication training (for real, honest conversationality) Improv training School of ... Life! -Sennheiser 416 Mic -Neumann TLM-103 -EA - M600 (mount) -ISDN (through IPdtl) - Alesis pre-amp -Sound Forge -On-Camera Talent -Improv -Electronics background -Segway (own and operate for film & Television) -Comedy Ari's (shameless) keywords have been described in terms such as: Real conversational Impressions Voice matching - non-announcer announcer - Man on the street - Hosting - friendly - Fontaine Movie Trailers - film on-camera acting - Deep Promos Voice over work - voiceovers - acting - Dennis Leary - dry - greetings - voice mail - phone greetings - sarcastic reads - funny - silly - trailer - corporate - narration - wacky -witty - big - humorous - humor - comedy -weird - comedic - comedian - stand-up - impressions - monotone - friendly - Second Life - Firefly Fan!!

Known for

Reviews (3)

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    Ari is amazing! He did such a great job! I wo LOVE to work with him again.
    Thank you so much; I had a terrific time working with you & your team as well!
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    • Flag review
    Thank you so much for the review!

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