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Anna Knaifel, Russian VO reviews

    • Flag review
    Anna demonstrated outstanding responsiveness and professionalism. The audio quality was perfect, and she grasped our artistic direction with astonishing ease. Working with Anna truly makes all the difference in an audiovisual project. Highly recommended!
    Thank you so much for your positiv review, dear Estelle!
    • Flag review
    Anna was incredible quick, kind, and easy to work with on our project together. We will definitely be keeping her in mind for future projects!
    Thank you for your feedback! I really enjoyed working with you on this project.
    • Flag review
    Anna's attributes include a strong sense of responsibility, clear communication, and a high level of professionalism, making the working experience with her both efficient and effective.
    thank you so much for your positive feedback! it was my pleasure working with you.
    • Flag review
    Thanks to Anna: great work, very professional talent.
    Thanks, It was my pleasure!
    • Flag review
    Working with Anna has been extremely easy and straightforward, perfectly adapting to our needs and providing great recordings. Thanx !
    It was my pleasure to work with you on this project! Thanks!
    • Flag review
    Anna was great to work with and her translated voiceover was perfectly synchronized to the English video. She also did a pickup some time later and synced the new lines into the old recording, which was so helpful. I would definitely work with her again!
    Thank you for your feedback. Hopefully we’ll work together again!
    • Flag review
    Very professional and efficient.
    thank you very much!
    • Flag review
    Fantastic work! I really recommend working with Anna because of her professionalism, on-time delivery and short response time.
    Thank you!
    • Flag review
    Very Prompt and Professional! Thank you Anna!
    It was great working with you, thanks!