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Andrew Rich

This voice actor appears to be inactive and might not be responsive.


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  • 1 Bookings in the last 12 months in the last year
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  • Last online1 year ago
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Playlists (5)

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About Andrew

  • Member sinceMay 20, 2020
Andrew Rich | Voice over actor | Voice123
  • LocationSan Francisco, CA, USA (GMT -7)
Andrew Rich is a voice actor located in San Francisco, CA, USA. He has been actively working as a voice actor since 2018. He has worked for a diverse pool of clients and brands, such as Discord. Listen to 16 voice over samples that showcase his best work.

I'm still pretty new to the voiceover/voice acting world after nearly 30 years in software engineering. I have four years of classes at VoiceOne San Francisco and I've cut a commercial demo; I'm also skilled in narration, telephony/IVR, and longer-form work.

Skills and services offered

    • Language
    • Voice gender & age
    • Additional services offered
      Deliver edited and finished voice over
    • Recording and delivery options
      Digital delivery
      Remote live direction
      On-site recording
      Source Connect
        • Location
          San Francisco, CA, USA
    • Additional vocal abilities
      Measured, warm, empathetic, authoritative. American, British, New York. Specialized work: medical narration, military terminology, telephone message-on-hold.
    • Experience, training, and equipment
      I use a WarmAudio WA-87 microphone and Audacity as my editing software on a dedicated MacBook Pro. I have a pop-filter and have sound-proofed my home studio. I offer directed sessions via SourceConnect, Discord, and Zoom.

Known for

  • Discord Sound Packs ft. Lil Yachty

    The Brain Guy


Reviews (2)

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    Andrew did a perfect job on his voice lines, delivered what I wanted and I hope to get to work with him soon.
    • Flag review
    Perfect job 👌. Thank you so much for your proposal. Have a wonderful day. Take care

Accepted payment methods

  • PayPal

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