Voice123 launches The Voice Authenticity Initiative  

We’re thrilled to announce our Voice Authenticity Initiative – a strategy to secure voice actors’ audio files and enhance transparency in the audio industry.

While the overall impact of artificial intelligence is yet to be determined – we’re committed to growing with these changes while securing the audio work of voice actors.

Our Voice Authenticity Initiative is the first step toward creating an audio content security system. 

This unique, first-of-its-kind tool automatically generates Voice Credentials – a unique digital signature or metadata for every piece of audio uploaded to Voice123. 

The primary benefit is that it will allow voice actors to always own, access, and verify their datasets and audio files. It will also assist them in identifying and tracking their work off-platform, thus protecting against potential abuse. 

By creating a unique identifier for every piece of audio generated, we’ll set a new standard in audio security as we join The Content Authenticity Initiative to help creators amplify and guarantee authenticity by securing all forms of their digital content.

As pioneers in the online audio industry, we believe our Voice Authenticity Initiative represents a significant milestone that demonstrates our commitment to a platform where voice over services can be safely and ethically offered as well as purchased. It also aligns with our ongoing commitment to providing tools that empower voice actors, support their businesses, secure their audio work, and foster an environment promoting the transparent and ethical use of audio.

The Voice Authenticity Initiative and Beta Voice Credentials officially launch on March 4, 2024, and will be rolled out incrementally to all Voice123 voice actor profiles in the coming weeks.


Learn more about this initiative as well as our future plans here. You can also contact us via help@voice123.com with any questions. 


Rolf Veldman

CEO at Voice123