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Ask the pros about voice acting

We’re bringing the pros to you!

Get expert advice on what you need to learn and improve to have a successful voice over career.

Consequently, each episode will feature a new pro, along with a new topic. So, are you trying to get started as a voice actor? Do you already have some experience in the industry?

We’ve got you covered with great tips and practical advice.

How to practice voice acting

Ask the pros with Liz Saydah! She shares vital tips on how to practice voice acting to hone your art and craft. Liz also answers questions such as: How to voice act? How to use sample practice lines? And what are practical ways to use training as a way to start and improve?


How to become a voice over artist

Ask the pros with Dave Pettitt! He shares vital tips on how to navigate the voice over industry from his 22-year career. And answers questions such as: What is a voice over artist? What are the different types of voice over work? How to become a voice over artist and so much more!


How to use voice acting scripts for better auditions

Ask the pros with Carin Gilfry! Carin shares advice on how to read and understand voice acting scripts for better auditions and samples. She also relates practical ways to prepare before using a script for voice acting.


10 Voice acting tips from successful voice over pros

Ask the pros – 10 voice acting tips from experienced voice actors, Pippa Vos and Erikka J. They’ve taken the time to share key insights and tips for voice acting, so that whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve – you’ll be able to learn from these experienced pros.


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