As a Standard member, how can I submit a proposal for a project?

As a Standard member, your profile will be displayed in our voice actor database, where clients can find you using the search feature on our site. The matching system notifications you receive let you know what types of jobs are available on our site.

You can submit proposals in two ways:

  • by receiving a direct invitation from a client
  • by receiving an invite from the system if you are a match and if the project proposal requirement has not been met by invitations to Platinum and Paid members

This means that when you are invited to submit your audition, you must send it in before all the required amount of proposals are received. You can refresh the page to check this figure.

Our Standard subscription is designed to help you become acquainted with our website and the online voice over industry. Once you are comfortable with the platform, you can take the next step in your career by upgrading your membership. The cost to upgrade to our recommended annual membership is $395.00 USD

If you’re looking for more resources on navigating the voice over industry, why not check out our Voice over Guide on The Booth?

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