How does Voice123's Secure Payment work for voice actors?

The Secure Payment system is where Voice123 acts as a bond for a booking transaction between a voice actor and a client. The service is free to all voice actors, and while it’s not a requirement, it does have numerous benefits, such as:

  • Zero deductions from your earnings. 
  • Save time, energy, and resources as Voice123 will manage the transaction until the final recording is accepted.
  • Rest easy with a secure and trusted third-party method to manage your payments.
  • Resolve the problem of sending and receiving international payments without having to follow up on invoices.
  • Track the status of the payment directly in the booking and deliver the recording when you see the funds were paid.
  • Get email notifications along the way to help you keep track of each stage of the booking process.
  • Choose from 5 different payment methods to receive your funds.

How does the Secure Payment system work?

  1. A voice actor or a client can request Secure Payment for a booking. Voice123 will manage the transaction until the final recording is accepted.
  2. The client transfers the payment to Voice123.
  3. Voice123 holds the money until the final recording is accepted and then releases the payment to the voice actor.

When will you receive the payment?

  • The funds are released after the client accepts the final recording.
  • Voice123 releases payment as soon as possible after the client indicates that the recording has been accepted. We guarantee that this will happen within 8 business days – but it’s usually much, much sooner!

Is the Secure Payment system really free for voice actors?

  • Yes! Voice actors will not be charged for using Secure Payment. The client is charged a fee, but this is not deducted from the amount the voice actor agreed to.
  • The costs associated with receiving the money will be for your account, depending on the payment method you chose, so please check with the third-party provider (such as your bank, PayPal, etc.).

How do you enable Secure Payments for your voice acting jobs?

  • By requesting a Secure Payment when you receive a booking.
  • By enabling the functionality in settings on the bookings page.

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