FAQs: Project Invitations

Improvements to your ranking score!

We are improving the inclusivity of your ranking score so it factors in all your efforts on Voice123. This means that your proposals now count towards your ranking score if they are booked through our Bookings functionality or if they are liked by clients. Here’s a quick breakdown of what this means.

  • You now have more than one way to improve your ranking score.
  • Even if your proposal is not liked, if it turns into a booking on Voice123, you will still see a positive impact on your ranking score.
  • With Secure Payments, you can ensure that the client has paid on the platform before delivering the recording. Voice123 will hold the funds until the project is completed – this is a great way to protect your voice and build trust with a new client. And it’s completely free for voice actors! 

If a client contacts you for a voice over, you can make it easier for them by sharing your free booking link. This allows the client to select from the proposals you have previously sent them while improving your ranking score.

Why am I invited late to projects?

If you’re a match for a specific project, invitations will be sent out in two groups based on these factors:

  1. Membership type: Platinum members receive preferred access to project invitations. After that, Premium members will be invited depending on how high the membership is. At this point, if a project has yet to receive enough proposals, Standard members might receive an invitation.
  2. Ranking score: this is a percentage of 1) liked proposals out of the total number of proposals submitted and 2) bookings that clients created from your proposals.

The best way to gain access to projects earlier is to: 

  • Upgrade your membership
  • Improve your ranking score by submitting proposals that match your voice to increase the chances of the proposal being liked and by asking clients to create a free booking with you when you work together. You can make it seamless for clients to book you by sharing your free booking link with them.

Why was I not invited to a project that matches my profile?

Once a project is posted, Voice123 sends out invitations to voice actors based on two factors. The first one is if your profile preferences and the project requirements are a match. The second is your membership level and ranking score (a percentage of your Bookings and proposals liked by clients).

That means that Voice123 looks through all the voice actors that meet the project requirements and then categorizes them by membership and ranking score, and then sends invitations in that order. So depending on the number of invitations requested by the clients and how soon the project gets fulfilled, you may or may not be invited.

Why am I not receiving invitations to projects?

If you are not receiving invitations to a project as a Premium member, there are four main reasons. 

  1. Your profile doesn’t match the projects submitted.
  2. Your Invitation settings don’t match the projects submitted. 
  3. Your profile information is incomplete, and you don’t have enough audio samples that reflect your skills and services offered.
  4. Your ranking score needs to improve. 
  5. Your membership has just expired, so you no longer receive preferred access to projects.

If you’re a new Premium member and you haven’t received an invitation for more than three days, please contact us at help@voice123.com.

How do audience size and usage affect booking requests?

Audience size and usage affects booking requests by determining the rates voice actors will set for a specific project. At Voice123, we’ve created a card that automatically calculates what your rate should be based on two factors. 

  1. Your base rate per word/time, and 
  2. The expected audience size.

With that information, we can create a solid rate card that you can use whenever you get invited to a project. So you’re able to get more booking requests without the hassle of calculating new rates each time. 

Why am I being invited to too many low-budget projects?

Voice123 is an open marketplace. Therefore we don’t control the rates set by the voice actors or the budgets posted by the clients. If you’re being invited to too many low-budget projects, you can set a minimum budget for the project invitations you’d like to receive.

  1. Start by logging in to your Voice123 account.
  2. Click the three small lines on the upper left part of the page to open a menu.
  3. Choose Invitations Settings
  4. Click Get invites that pay and set your budget preferences.

When submitting your proposal, you can also quote a budget amount you think is more appropriate for a project.

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