Voice123 platform education

Voice123 Platform Education

Our Voice123 Platform Education series is here to help you make the best of your Voice123 membership!

We cover everything! From the pros of using the Voice123 free booking system, to how the Voice123 Secure Payment service is working for thousands of voice actors. And our special series on how to optimize your profile and samples with insights from our Customer Success team.

Voice123’s free booking feature is a VO game-changer. Learn how to share your own personalized booking link, and FAQ’s on the free Secure Payment system. Most importantly, because it’s free – 0 commission or fees deducted, regardless of your membership – what you earn is yours to keep!


Voice over work insights: Learn key insights from the Voice123 platform that you can use to better optimize your profile, samples and opportunities.


How to optimize your Voice123 profile and samples

In our Platform Education series, our Product Designers will show you how to optimize your Voice123 samples and profile.

Ready to start voice acting online?


FAQs: How to use Voice123

Looking for best practices and insights to make the most out of your Voice123 memberships? Not sure how to create a profile, add your samples, or delete a profile?

We’ve got all your frequently answered questions covered.