How does the bookings system work for voice actors?

Voice123’s booking feature is a VO game-changer, and with your own personalized booking link, it’s the perfect way to boost your voice acting jobs. It also has a secure payment system to help you avoid the hassle of invoicing and the challenges of receiving international payments. Most importantly, it’s free:

Zero commission or fees are deducted, regardless of your membership – what you earn is yours to keep!

How does the booking feature work?

Clients on Voice123 can book you via these channels:

  • Via your project audition.
  • From a conversation in Voice123’s message inbox. 
  • Directly from your voice actor profile. 
  • From your booking link.
  • Via the instant quote feature on Voice123’s search functionality. This booking quote is determined by the sum of your voice over rates per script length (word count) and usage (expected audience size). 

All bookings also have the same set of initial terms:

  • A maximum of 12 months’ usage.
  • Up to 2 revisions.
  • An expected turnaround of 3 days.

What does that mean for you?

Voice123’s booking feature is built on a foundation that goes beyond getting hired or booked for one or two voice acting jobs. So, bookings help you build long-standing relationships with clients. It’s the ideal basis for recurring work. As a result, you’re expected to review and accept or decline a booking request within 3 days.

You can also get booked through the following channels:

  1. Share your booking link with a client. This is a special link that is customizable and which directs a client straight to a booking form where they can input their project details.
  2. Bring your off-platform bookings to increase your bookings stats and see your earnings on your dashboard.
  3. Enable bookings for our instant quote feature. Set your rates now! – only for paid members.
  4. Audition for projects so clients can book you directly from your auditions. 
  5. Talking to a client in the message inbox? Ask the client to click ‘book voice actor’ from the message tab at the top of the page.
  6. Tag your samples with relevant keywords so clients can find your profile in the search feature and book you through your profile card.

Get started today by sharing your free booking link! 

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