Testimonials from Voice Seekers at Voice123

(*)The names of the companies are not published as we value their privacy. If you want to verify our references, please let us know.

Thanks for your follow up - everything was fine and we found a great voice artist through your system! Your site is really excellent and whenever we will need other voice artists we will rely on you guys! Thanks a lot! Kind regards from Madrid

Bernhard Niesner*

Every time I use voice as a talent resource I get a quick response from your Customer Service, they're friendly and very professional, I always find the talent I'm looking for and hire your people, Voice 123 works every time! I'm another happy client!

Maria Cristina Cepeda*

As always, we found the right talent for the job literally within minutes of posting the job. If we needed to, we could’ve gone to air within an hour or so of posting the ad on Voice 123.

Michael Mortensen*

I was able to find the voice I was looking for and I am very pleased. Voice 123 was a perfect venue for us to find what we needed.

Shannon Smoot*

My company used Carla Foxx recently on two projects—and she has been wonderful to work with. She was readily available and was able to record changes made by the client and have them back to me the same day. I would definitely use Carla in the future. The voice123.com site is easy to navigate and I will also use it in the future. Thank you.

Jennifer Fay*

This was my first experience and what a way to start! I received upwards of 50 responses and was able to sit with our client who has narrowed their choices to 5 voice talents. They will tell me on Monday of their final choice and that is when I will respond to the talent. I am already preparing 2 more scripts for solicitation within the next few days. Thank you Voice123!

Doug Craig*

Great experience. Response was almost instantaneous (and that is what I needed with this quick-turn project). I would definitely use again. Thank you!!

William (Rick) E. Lang*

Great experience. Found the perfect talent quickly and at a price within my budget. Will certainly use your service again! Thanks.

Tony Ballinger*

I will definitely use Voice 123 again...and I have been telling all of my collegues how wonderful the service was. I did find a talent for my current job and I'm sure it will work out great! Thanks!

Danna Richey*

This is the second job I've used 123 on and again, I'm a total and complete fan. Tons of great voices to chose from - stress- free casting. I hope your business is doing well and I can depend on you for years to come.

Richard DeLigter*

I can't believe the response to my post what a great pool of talent. I think the client will make up their mind soon. But I just wanted to say thank you and you certainly have a customer for life. Thank You.

Brent Saitta*

I was delighted with the responses I got from voice123, and with how well your system works. I have narrowed my selection of talents down to 3 possibilities, all of whom are excellent, and I will certainly use this service in the future.

Gail Vachon*

This is such a terrific service!! I have passed your information along to all the producers in our office. This is the best way I have encountered to do a voice audition. Thanks for a great service!

Karen McMillen*

This is truly a wonderful site you've got here. I thought it might be hard to find a decent British VO within my client's price range...but wow...so many great responses, and most of them reading a few lines from the script I sent. Now I can take a dozen of the best to the client, and it makes me and my production company look so much more professional. Much appreciated, I'll come back for all my future VO work.

Ken Slatzman*

We are very satisfied with your service, we found 6 talents with whom we will be working shortly. The process was simple and we were impressed with all the services that you offer. I just can tell you that your service is the best thing that happened to our voice talent search, It simplified all the processes we were used to do. When we found voice123 we thought it was a joke, but when we saw it really worked, we cant do our job without your service anymore. Count on us as future users of your service, hope you guys keep up that good job you are doing.

Arturo Menéndez*

I have been overwhelmed by the response to my ad on Voice123. Not only have we received more than 200 responses, but we were amazed by the quality of talent you were able to send our way. We have not made a final decision on talent yet as we have submissions coming from other places with later deadlines. We would be happy to continue accepting demos from your talents although I do not know if that is necessary. I certainly hope I will still be able to listen to the demos and manage the ones I have already received. Thank you so much for helping us find so many talented voices and yes, we would definitely use Voice123 again for our voice over needs.

Joseph C. Yund*

I was very pleased with the auditions I received; they were all professional and excellent. I ended up hiring Brian Haymond for the job. This is not my first time using your service, and y'all continue to deliver excellent talent regardless of the type of project.

Wade McDonald*

A special note of thanks for your tolerance of my personality during this computer crisis!Your kindness in helping me out with the demos so I never missed a single lead will always be remembered. You all have a great organization that you all should be proud of. The customer support was beyond belief. Please thank all of the team for me.

Ed Mace*

The experience at your website was excellent. The service is easy to use and effective. I got many responses.

Dave Blaine*

Thanks for the follow up. I have to say my first experience with Voice123 was excellent. I found it hard to believe I had an inbox full of audition reads, with prices, in less than 12 hours. I closed the job because our creative direction changed after I had submitted the job, and we are now not including a VO in our project. But next time we need voiceover talent, I will be revisiting Voice123! Thanks so much,

Tim Goodwin*

Service was great. Very professional auditions and reasonable price.

John Zimmerman*

This isn't the first time we've been using voice123. It's great! The interface is friendly and efficient and I always find the talent we need on your site. We're a small 'virtual' agency with many small clients so most of our commercials or animations go online or go without major credits. However, I am sending people to voice123 at every opportunity I get. Good luck,


It was a perfect experience. I received two audition spots within a few hours, and the first one was a good fit. I know the talent (Larry Wayne) will handle it smoothly. Thanks! Great idea & great service...

Kevin Brusie*

We extremely appreciate Voice 123 with providing the tools and the ability for a company like ours to seek and hire voice talents. The fact that I get to monitor my own auditions and demos is priceless, especially with the easy to use interface. We will always use Voice123 in the future for all of our voice talent needs. Again, keep up the good work and Thank you.

Shawn Toussaint*

I heard about you guys from a production company I used a few months back. I had not had time to go back and check you out, but this month, when I lost my voice talent for one of my dealerships, I went straight to you guys. I'm very glad I did so too! I received a response immediately from Kevin West whom I loved and will use from this point forward! I'm a voice talent also, and think Voice 123 is absolutely awesome! Easy, fast, and super convenient!

Norma Munoz*

I am really impressed by your service- very professional, helpful and it really targets the needs of people looking to hire voice talent. The ease with which I posted my project, received and reviewed auditions and hired a voice professional was exceptional. The person whom I have hired is superb - very professional and efficient. It was a pleasure to use Voice123 and I will certainly recommend it to all that I know. Thanks very much.

Michelle Davis*

WOW! I am truly Impressed by Voice123! Casting V/O's has never been this simple! Very Professional Talent!

Gabrielle Evans*

This was our first time with Voice123 and, frankly, I was amazed at the quantity, quality and expediency of the responses we received. The Voice123 site proved to be very easy and user friendly which contributed to the success of our project. Thanks again

Jeffrey McDonnell*

I have reviewed the talent submissions from your website, and while we have not made any decisions yet, I can say that the experience with voice123 produced results. I would definitely use your service again.

Summer Nunn*

I had a tight timeline and the response I received was overwhelming. There were at least 3 guys that were perfect for the job, a great problem to have! I posted the job on a Saturday night and had the finished product by Monday morning, I don't know anywhere else that I can get that kind of quality with that kind of turnaround when looking for a voice with an international flavour. Thanks!!

Jason Harding*

The response was fantastic. We located several potential voices, we are researching the results and should know soonbut the service and quality of talent you guys offer is incredible!!

Jim Cahill*

We've received a tremendous response for our posting - good voices and good prices - exceeding our expectations. We will use your service if we may. Thank you.

Ina Chow*

Voice123 is a great resource for auditioning voices for clients who cannot 'visualize' or hear it in their head. I have told a lot of other producers about Voice 123!

Rhett McClure*

I did find the perfect voice talent -- and she has already completed my project. Thanks for your help!

David Roland*

As always you over at V123 were awesome!! Found a talent. Clearly I would recommend this site to anyone. I use it whenever I need talent for my work at the Advertising agency. This was for a project i am working on with a partner outside of work and he loved the site! Thanks again!!

Jay Marhefka*

I want to compliment you to your service. As you know this was an emergency request where we had actually only hours to find suitable talent and the actors we received from your service very all very professional and on time. Our client is very, very demanding and only two out of more than 60 people they auditioned in NY and LA made the cut to the second round. One of them is from your roster. I will defently use your service on an ongoing basis for our future audtions.

Herbert Punz*

How can I thank you for making this so easy. I would like to let everyone know who sent me auditions that I appreciate the time and enregy spent. There are so many good talents its hard to pick!

Enid Grig*

I could not be happier with the talent and support I have received from Voice 123. An extremely professional organziation with top talent. The process was effecient and painless. Thank you Tim Durkin professional speaker and trainer

Tim Durkin*

Everything went very well, thanks! Voice 123 is an amazingly simple, service. At first I contacted two people directly, then used the "let talents compete for the job" feature. I got a reply from my very first direct-contact choice within 20 minutes, and we're now in business. While she and I were hammering out the details I continued to receive scores and scores of responses from Voice123 talent. I was very impressed. The site is so well designed, the information so exhaustive, that it's pretty impressive that Voice123 a free service. Keep up the good work! All the best,

Lara Roth-Biester*

We did find a talent within the first hour of posting the lead. Your service is magic! Easy, fast, in this case extremely affordable, and top-notch professionalism on the part of the talent. We will WITHOUT DOUBT utilize this service again and recommend you to any of our associates needing voice talent.

Andrez Tha Maestro*

Yes, thank you I did. This the most efficient system I have ever worked with. I wish all my decisions were made this easily. We are working with Larry O'brien.

Victoria Correa*

I use Voice123 both as a talent (looking for voice-over work) and as a client (as Production Manager for Telemundo and Univision in San Diego). All I can say is "WOW! what an amazing and efficient service!

Robert Moutal*

Voice123 should be rated as the most functional and useful sites on the ENTIRE internet. No joke. I was able to submit a script, get back 8 auditions and select the talent in less than 2 hours. I will NEVER use anyone else but voice 123.

Robert Walker*

Thanks tons... your service is great! When I started looking for someone to do my voicemail, I knew nothing about the business, the people, my options, or anything. I just knew I needed a better voice then mine to be able to present a professional image over the phone, and that as a small business I couldn't afford a whole lot to get it done. Your site helped educate me, walked me through specifying what my needs were, and put me directly in touch with more than 10 well qualified voice actresses from which to choose. Most of them even did detailed custom demo's for me, allowing me to hear exactly how they would sound for me, saying my company name. Best of luck with your service in the future. Cordially,

John A. Klein*

Where were you guys a year ago??? YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE!!! I forwarded all of your info to our other offices and fellow Producers… Thank you so very much,

Freddy Dizon - Producer*

I would be delighted to refer business to voice123.com. The experience was pleasurable, responsive, and easy to understand. Accordingly, I have made contact with a talent who I feel meets our requirements and am moving forward with a personalized demo. Should I be in the market for professional voice talent, I will certainly be heading back to your site. August 5th 2004

Corey Bozarth*

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR SERVICE. I now have plenty of high quality demos to share with my client, and we will choose together. It will be a tough decision, as you seem to have a lot of very talented people. Of course, my client is now looking at me as if I'm the brilliant one, coming back with all these awesome demos of their copy. July 27th 2004

Karl Hirsch*

I found all of the voice talent I needed on Voice 123. It's a great website. It's very well thought out and organized. The response time was the best. The talent did a great job and were very professional. I've all ready recommended it to two friends in the business. July 26th 2004

Cynthia Ginn*

Yes, I found the voice talent I was looking for through your service. I had a great experience using your service. Not too long after I put in my request, I got over 15 voice bids. The format which the demo voices were delivered were great, easy to use and very useful. I would definitely use you again and refer you to my friends and colleagues. Thanks for your help!

Leonard Ghazarian*

Thank you very much for the most efficient internet site in the world. Who would think that through your website, it was possible for us to find a German Voice over 8,500 Kilometers away in Berlin, being in Vancouver Canada ourself. The contact was established and the voice over delivered over e-mail how amazing. Thank you for having such a cool site [...]Thanks! - Maximilian Spohr

Maximilian Spohr*

I am so glad that I discovered you guys! Found you in a side bar ad when I googled Voice over. thanks for everything--you guys are great!

Christine Speicher*

Thank you for helping my company find a voice talent for our on hold advertisement. We did choose a voice talent from your site. Your site was very easy and fun to use. All the talents were very professional and qualified for the work. We had plenty of responses to our ad, allowing us to listen to many different talents and choose exactly what we wanted. Thank you.

Ed D'Amico*

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Voice 123. It is by far the best consortium of voice talent that I have found. I am amazed! I own a Music Recording and Production Company. We do tons of commercial spots, and radio/tv related work. I will def. be using Voice 123 in the near future and beyond!

Mike Axe*

Your service is beyond excellent. I have used it before, I will use it again. The talent seems to be getting better. And I have referred you several times now. Nice job. Thanks,

Mark Masseur*

I have been absolutely thrilled with Voice123. I have found all the voice talent I needed for my short film project from your database. Everyone has been very enthusiastic about this project and the professional recordings I received will certainly make this project a huge success.

Patrick Wells*

Natlie, As always you over at V123 were awesome!! Found a talent. Clearly i would recommend this site to anyone. I use it whenever I need talent for my work at the Advertising agency. This was for a project i am working on with a partner outside of work and he loved the site! Thanks again!! jay


I wanted to let you know how pleased my distributor and I are with the narrator we found on your website! Adam Behr delivered an incredible performance for our documentary! The quality of his recording studio was as high as any studio I've worked with in Los Angeles. Though we were in different countries, we were able to work well and in a timely manner using the phone and internet. Adam was wonderful to work with and really came through for us. I would recommend him, and your service to anyone in need of top-notch talent. Thank you!

Lynn Stevenson*

Found the voice...Great service!! Quick and easy, I can't imagine it being any better. Thanks!

Jason Harding*

This is the 2nd time I have used your site to find VO Actors, I am very pleased with the volume and professionalism of the responses. Nearly all of the auditions were very high quality making it hard to narrow down the choices; I have already recommended your site to many other companies in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I found that the site does an excellent job of organizing the auditions for me, making it so much easier then it would be without the Web, thanks a ton.

Michael Knopf*

Your service is fantastic! It is the best use of internet technology and very easy and helpful to use. I have absolutely no recommendations to make for improvement. We will use your service and highly recommend it to our peers and associates!

Bob Ryan*

I am extremely pleased with the service that voice 123 provided. It is clear and easy to use and I was able to link my client to the artists and let him judge which voice he required, which was excellent.

Matt Milloy*

One of the best online services I have ever used in my life. This is the by far the Amazon / EBay of Voice Over and is brilliantly managed by intelligent people who have made it so easy to find quality talent. I needed the service of a Voice over artisy for one small job and ended up using it for all our voice over requirements. I have never been more happier with an online service then this and hope the site managers can extend this to other talents like copy writing and creative design. Hats of to the people managing this site and executing the idea and seven starts for the complete experience.

Akash Arora*

I recently used your service to do a VO for a 4.5 minute piece to promote stewardship for the Church of the Nazarene. I found your web site, listened to a few voices, and selected Renamarie Villano (Plumvoice) as my talent. She did an excellent job. She was able to turn it around quickly, providing several voicings of some of the passages to help me get what I wanted. I needed her to do a small portion over to give me the interpretation I was looking for, but she did this with no complaints. She E-mailed me a 128 MP3, which I was able to edit easily and incorporate into our production. All in all, the experience with Voice123 (and especially Ms. Villano) was quick, professional, and helpful. I also saved the cost of a studio and a sound technician. What a deal! Thanks for offering such a great service and such great talent as Ms. Villano.

Mark Graham*

Voice123 has worked incredibly well for us. The new website with all its features makes finding a talent incredibly easy. All you have to do is sit back and wait. With all of my posting I received an overwhelming number of demos, and when I asked for custom demos I received them easily. If you need a voice talent, this is the place to go in my opinion. I will always rely on Voice123 for my voice over needs. Thank you, Amber

Amber Kara*

It has been an over whelming experience working with voice 123. We are an e-learning company and have a frequent requirement for voice over for our online training products. The audio recording phase was always a difficult phase since we knew what we want but did not know where to look for. Managing the talent the studios and all was a scary task. Thanks to your site we have had amazing response to the projects posted and we have managed to get the voice recording done fairly quickly. Which, we had never envisage. Thank you for the excellent services. Regards Shaleen

Shaleen Chhabra*

Just wanted to say thank you for providing such a valuable service. You made it extremely easy to find just the right talent. Involving voice talent give our company that extra edge to compete in much larger markets.

Liam McKay*

We pulled the listing because it was TOO successful! We received nearly 250 replies, and are busy going through them. We have connected with a handful of talents and they have been added to a casting database for a client of ours – so some of these folks will see work as a result of your service, so thanks.

Dana Dyer*

As always, your service was phenomenal. I did indeed find the perfect voice talent and was very very pleased with some of the changes you have made since the last time I used your service. The webpage with all the talents right there with audio samples really helped in the decision making process. And although I haven't used it yet, I noticed the delete and send thank you note button, a suggestion that I had submitted last November... awesome! Keep up the great work. See you next time I need a voice talent.

Ryan Berdel*

Yes. The voice123 is quite a professional voice webiste. I found my talent in a short time and the price is satisfactory. I like the service very much. I'll refer to my friend for sure

Xu Huaifeng*

What an absolutely fantastic service you have! I found extactly the voice I was looking for on the first day and at a price that was much less than I expected. I look forward to using your service again in the future.

Hank Mendheim*

(*)The names of the companies are not published as we value their privacy. If you want to verify our references, please let us know.