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Proposals Received
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ZDLTK53308388981X UAMC ER recruitment 2013-01-23 17:08:23 GMT 2013-01-23 22:50:42 GMT 0 N/A
ZDLTK53307811532X 2013 UAMC TV casting 2012-11-16 21:47:10 GMT 2012-12-01 00:00:00 GMT 0 N/A
ZDLTK53307620704X ONE DAY AUDITION TIME for Tucson hospital spot 2012-10-26 17:58:10 GMT 2012-10-26 23:25:55 GMT 0 N/A
ZDLTK53307592241X TWO radio spots for large healthcare client in AZ 2012-10-23 22:21:46 GMT 2012-10-26 00:00:00 GMT 0 N/A
ZDLTK53307124390X SPANISH UAMC radio 2012-09-13 23:50:38 GMT 2012-09-14 23:00:00 GMT 0 N/A
ZDLTK53306757665X Up to 8 radio spots for a large AZ medical center 2012-08-24 00:23:52 GMT 2012-08-27 19:00:00 GMT 0 N/A

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