Discounts for Selected Premium Membership Tiers - VOcation 22 - Terms and Conditions

VALID FROM: June 10th, 2022 at 12AM ET to June 18th, 2022 at 11:59PM ET.

The discount is available for the $395, $600, or $888 tiers.

$395 – $295 ($100 off)

$600 – $475 ($125 off)

$888 – $693 ($195 off)

The discount is not available for the $49, $99, $199, $2200 or $4950 tiers.

The discount is only available for:

Annual payments.


New sign-ups and subsequently, first-time membership purchases.

Existing users, but first-time membership purchases.

Not applicable for renewals. 

There are no downgrading discounts (e.g., if you’re a paying member & you switch to a lower cost tier, you will not be able to apply this discount for the lower membership tier).

Important note: There are no refunds for this promotion. Only proceed with the payment if the discount is showing on the membership page. If you run into any issues, reach out to and a member of our team will help you.