TTS projects on Voice123

To all our voice actors:


As part of our mission to craft the future of the voice over industry, we’ve been working with machine learning for over two decades, which includes AI Voice or Text-To-Speech (TTS) projects on Voice123.

However, we understand the concerns voice actors have raised concerning the potential for misuse, and since we take the responsibility of maintaining a safe and trustworthy environment for all our voice actors seriously, we have taken steps to address these concerns.

After reviewing our policy with the help of NAVA and our community of voice actors, we’ve developed a set of guidelines to facilitate the approval process of AI Voice and TTS projects and empower voice actors to make informed decisions. 

All Voice123 projects that we identify as text-to-speech will be closely scrutinized and monitored to ensure the safety of our voice actors and make it easier for them to review whether a project matches their expectations.

Moving forward, clients creating AI Voice and TTS projects will: 

  • Need to confirm their identity and be open about the agreements they expect voice actors to sign. 
  • Need to clearly label in the title that the project is in relation to AI or TTS
  • Answer a series of questions for each project, so voice actors can decide whether it suits them. 
  • Complete payments through Voice123’s Booking and Secure payment service.  
  • Demonstrate that they are consistently hiring voice actors and paying for recordings.

In addition,  projects that are in perpetuity for all cases will no longer be allowed, and we’ve also carefully reviewed our Terms of Service, particularly those relating to AI Voice and TTS projects, which you can read here. 

We will not hesitate to ban clients or close projects that we believe are actively trying to bypass our guidelines or are not in the best interest of our voice actors.

Our commitment to maintaining a secure and reliable marketplace for all voice actors remains unwavering as we continue implementing measures to assess AI Voice and TTS project credibility.

Our support team is also available to address any concerns or questions via

Please accept our sincere appreciation for your support and trust in Voice123, and thank you for being an essential part of our community.

The Voice123 team