Voice123’s free booking feature is a VO game-changer. Learn how to share your own personalized booking link, and FAQ’s on the free Secure Payment system. Most importantly, because it’s free – 0 commission or fees deducted, regardless of your membership – what you earn is yours to keep!


Voice over work insights: Learn key insights from the Voice123 platform that you can use to better optimize your profile, samples and opportunities.


Optimize your voice actor profile and samples for SEO

We're kickstarting it off with a 3-part video series on how to structure and optimize your Voice123 profile and samples so they'll rank better on Google, improving digital presence and search visibility.

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More helpful advice

1. How to make your voice sound better

Join our audio engineer, Jairo Pineda, as he goes through some of the foundational processes and workflows to fix common audio issues in post-production.

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2. Voice123 Pros - the ultimate course to optimizing your experience on Voice123

Voice over veterans Natasha Marchewka and Katherine Tole, the V123 Pros, aim to help YOU get MORE auditions & improve your digital presence while working efficiently and effectively. Sign up for the self-paced online course today!

AI voices

The 2021 state of AI voices report

The future is now - AI voices are here. Learn more about the experiment Voice123 conducted with AI voices, and projections on how AI voices could impact the voice over industry.

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