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🌟 In our final video, we’re laying out practical examples that pertain to improving your samples- their structure, keywords and more. We’ve also packaged everything to be accessed under the Platform Education tab!

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Best voice over microphones, but for who?

When aspiring voice actors start asking, “what microphone should I get?” they are confronted with what seems like an infinite number of answers. Truth is — there is no ‘best voice over microphone.’ Everybody has a different voice, & will require different mics. Read this deep dive featuring successful voice actors Kabir Singh, Kenita Hill & Matt Ellis.

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New Voices Interview with Nour Allam

Connecting with Nour Allam as part of our New Voices series, she opens up about her voiceover specialities, reflects on what she enjoys most about voice acting and shares her aspirations for her future goals as she advances in her voiceover entrepreneurship career!

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New Voices Interview with Scott Letkeman

In this part of New Voices, we're chatting with Scott Letkeman, creative director at Cabin Radio in Yellowknife,…

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Voice123 Transparent Product Roadmap on mobile mockups

This is what we're up to

Introducing our revamped product roadmap. You can see what our product team is working on, and its future projects too. We’d love your feedback!

Product Roadmap