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New project





Step 1 of 5

What type of voice do you need?

Select the language(s) as well as voice gender and age(s) you'd like the voice overs in.

Only voice actors that meet your requirements will be invited, or you can choose to manually invite them.

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What is the recording duration?

45 seconds? 20 mins? Or 10 words? Include how long the recording will be and how you would like it delivered.

If you aren't sure, guesstimate and negotiate later.

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How many proposals do you want?

A proposal consists of an audition and a quote from the voice actor. You can receive and listen up to 50.

Add a custom script for voice actors to do a partial read. Or, ask for audio samples of their existing work.

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What’s your budget?

A set amount? A range? Prefer a quote? You can choose!

Pay via Voice123's Secure Payment system, or negotiate directly with voice actors.

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What is your project about?

Here, include all your project details and performance requirements; accent, tone, and style.

TV? Social media? A websie or an event? Let voice actors know where will the recording be used.

      • 1. Voice actor requirements
      • Voice gender and ageSelect one
      • 2. Work details
      • Length of the recordingLength
            • minutes
      • Recording and delivery optionsDigital delivery
        • Email, Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer

        • Skype, Zoom.us, Hangouts, Whatsapp call, phone call

        • The voice actor agrees to go to a designated studio in the area

        • Additional services neededNone
          • audio production
  • writing
  • translation
  • voice over
        • 3. Casting options
        • 25
        • Get custom auditions (using a script)Select one
              • 0 / 1000
                A valid file is required
          • To know the difference between a custom audition and a related sample, read more here.
        • 24 hours
          That is: Mar 2, 2024, 12:09 AM
        • Get even better proposals by giving voice actors as much time as you can. The more time you have, the more time we will have to reach out to the best voice actors.
        • 4. Money matters
        • BudgetFixed
              • USD $
              • USD $
              • For non-profit
        • By selecting this option, you let voice actors know that you are willing to use Voice123 Secure Payments and Delivery to complete this project. Read more here.
        • 5. Project details
        • 0 / 50
        • 0 / 10000
          The more info you provide, the better. What's the project about? Clarify the accents, pronunciations, and emotions you wish to have correctly conveyed.
          A valid file is required
        • 0 / 500
          How, where, and for how long will the recording be used?