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Upgrade today with a special discount!

Membership Plans

A Voice123 membership plan allows you to build your own client base and grow your voice acting career

Get project invitations

that match your profile

Boost your ranking

and increase your visibility in search results

Negotiate and get hired

establishing long-lasting business relationships

Find the right plan for you


Determine your voice over market

The services you offer determine your voice over market and play an important part in the process of matching you to projects.

To recommend the right plan for you, please select the languages you offer as well as the voice gender and ages you perform:

Find the right plan for you!

Select the attributes you offer. This will update the monthly estimated values on the plans. Read more here.

      • English - USA and Canada
      • Male adult
        Female adult
You invest your time as:

Choose your plan tier

The plan you choose determines your level of access to voice over work. As we are an open marketplace, the number of users on Voice123 vary, which is why we choose to show updated monthly estimates.

The higher your plan, the earlier you could receive project invitations, and increase both your position and appearances in the search results. You'll also compete against fewer voice actors.

Monthly estimates for your selection:
English - USA and Canada
Male adult
Female adult
up to
up to
voice actors
up to
$149/ year
$199 / year
$475/ year
$600 / year
Prices listed in USD. By using Voice123 you agree to our terms of use

What’s included

Free plan

For voice actors getting started

Build and showcase your voice acting portfolio
Practice your craft by submitting auditions to some unfulfilled projects
Appear in few search results
Limited customer support
Receive invitations in an earlier batch
Upload an unlimited number of samples and playlists
Get booked directly by setting your own rates

Paid plan tiers

For voice actors wanting to get the most out of the platform

Build and showcase your voice acting portfolio
Audition for projects that match your profile
Increased appearances in the Voice123 search engine results
Priority customer support via email and chat
Receive invitations in an earlier batch
Upload an unlimited number of samples and playlists
Get booked directly by setting your own rates

What voice actors say

"This is the best open source online casting site mainly because of the quantity of invitations to audition I receive on a daily basis, the fact that Voice123 does not charge fees for the jobs booked, and Voice123 allows me to connect with the voice seeker directly to work through all details. I have had recurring clients for more than 8 years from Voice123!"

Voice Over Artist Larry Hudson

"Thanks to Voice123 my career has reached a new level of success. It allows me to foster client relationships and grow the business. Some of my most lucrative jobs have come from Voice123. I have been on it for many years and don't plan on going anywhere else. I highly recommend any VO talent to sign up and experience this great option for success."

Voice Over Artist Kabir Singh

"Voice123’s platform allows talent to interact directly with the person posting the job, giving the opportunity to build relationships with clients and build your business. Voice123 has a tremendous support staff as well. I can’t say enough good things about Voice123! "

Voice Over Artist Amy Weis

"I've tried DOZENS of other Voice Over marketplaces in my decade in the business and Voice123 gets me more work than ANY of the others COMBINED! ...and the fact that they don't take a percentage of your work just sealed the deal for me. Just sign up... really! "

Voice Over Artist Brian Roberts

Common questions, answered!

  • How are project invites prioritized?
    When clients submit a project, they get proposals from voice actors who are actively interested in the project.

    The algorithms that power the Voice123 invitations-engine look for matching voice actors and start inviting the ones who are the most relevant to the project.

    The order in which invitations are sent is determined by the percentage of the voice actor proposals liked by clients as well as their membership plan. Being selective when choosing to submit a proposal for a project is key to maintaining a high percentage of liked proposals.

  • What are the monthly estimates and how are they calculated?
    The monthly estimated values included in each plan tier showcase the estimated number of project invitations, search appearances, and competing voice actors. These are calculated using average values on project and voice actor information from the previous 6 months, and they are updated twice per month - so you will always see the most current figures.
  • How many auditions does it take to book a job?
    Determining your booking ratio includes several factors. Industry standards suggest that it takes around 90 auditions to land a job when you are starting out. Some professional voice actors have a booking ratio of 25:1, while others have landed a job within their first month. As this is a competitive industry, it’s best practice to be selective and only submit to auditions that suit your voice. You should also keep your profile up to date.
  • Is there a trial period?
    You can certainly try out our service; we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to first-time paying members! We suggest you update your profile and make sure it’s the best it can be before you purchase a membership. If (within 30 days) you conclude that such a membership is not for you, reach out to us at help@voice123.com, and we'll refund your payment in full. Plans acquired with a discounted price or during a promotion are not eligible for the 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Will my membership be auto-renewed?
    Your membership will always be maintained with auto-renewal, so it’s worth having this functionality activated. Then there's no need to worry about expiry dates or losing out on project invitations. If, however, you wish to deactivate auto-renewal, you can do so by clicking on the YOUR PLAN button on the membership page, and then clicking on DOWNGRADE TO STANDARD.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Voice123 doesn’t offer any discounts per se. If you feel your particular situation qualifies for a discount (such as accounts for kids, teenagers or students), please contact our support team directly via help@voice123.com. We will be glad to look for a way to assist you.
  • How long does it take to start receiving invitations?
    After upgrading, it can take a few hours for the system to start matching you with new, upcoming projects.
  • How will my search appearances increase if I am a paid member?
    When clients perform a search, they're instantly presented with a list of voice actors actively offering their services. The algorithms that power the Voice123 search engine look for matching voice actors and display the most appropriate samples relevant to the search.

    The ranking is determined by several factors such as sample availability, response rate, the percentage of clients contacting the voice actor after playing at least one sample, as well as the membership level. Having a complete profile with samples including an accurate description and keywords will also improve your chances of being given a higher ranking in search results.
  • Do you have a list of open invitations I can search for?
    We don’t. The project invitations you receive are tailored according to your profile information and membership plan tier, so you will only see invites relevant to you.
  • What are the different membership options?
    Our plans comprise a standard (free) plan, and then several paid plan tiers. As a paid member, you will obtain several benefits - the main differentiator between the paid plan tiers is the level. The higher the level, the greater the access you’ll have to voice over work. You’ll also have fewer competitors within your voice over market segment.
  • What is the voice actor’s success rate after being a paid member?
    Ultimately, this depends on your voice. Voice over is a competitive industry, and while some voice actors book a job every week, others may only book a couple of jobs a year - or no job at all. Your commitment to top-notch auditions that match your voice are mission-critical in this regard.
  • Do you have a refunds policy?
    Voice123 offers a 30-day money back guarantee to first-time paying members. Reach out to us at help@voice123.com to request the refund.

    Plans acquired with a discounted price or during a promotion are not refundable.

Didn't find your question here? Don't hesitate to reach us at help@voice123.com